How To See Every Photo Someone Likes on Instagram And Also See Their Liked Videos, Comments, And More

Nowadays, almost everybody knows how to track other people’s activity on Facebook. I mean, it’s as simple as browsing the site. In fact, that’s what all of us do on these social sites. On Facebook, Everyone’s activity can be seen in the newsfeed. Or, you can go to that person’s profile to check only his/her … Read more

What Does Instagrammer Mean on Instagram?

  What Do You Mean By Instagrammer Account?  An Instagrammer Account can be seen on Instagram because of a few reasons. We tried to disclose some of them down here. We are pretty sure there are nothing more reasons to see an Instagrammer account.  If Instagram authority deactivates, terminates, or disables any Instagram account for violating or … Read more

How to Delete an Instagram Account

how to delete instagram account permanently

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How to Jailbreak a Samsung Smart TV

how to jailbreak samsung smart tv

From the first day of invention, technology has given us a lot of things, so that we can make our life easier. Our life is getting upgraded every day using these latest technologies. And we are depending more on these technologies in our day to day life. Smart TV is one of them. In fact, … Read more

How to Fix Unfor­tu­nate­ly Google Play Ser­vices Has Stopped Work­ing Issue

‘Unfortunately, Google Play services have stopped.’ is one of the most disturbing errors that can be seen on android devices nowadays. Sometimes, it also comes with another error message ‘google play services keeps stopping’. But both of them are the same. A lot of reports are coming to us about this error. So we decided … Read more

Why Does PUBG Keep Crashing? Solve It Now

This is an awesome game that became very popular among peoples around the globe in a very short time. Along with popularity, it brought a lot of errors like PUBG crashing, PUBG stuck on loading screen, etc.  SO, a question from the millions of its users, why does PUBG keep crashing?  Imagine playing your favorite … Read more