Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone: Enjoy Every Bit Of Music

For the ability to purify the mind of the human, music has taken a good place in every kind of people.

In modern days, people use music streaming apps or cloud-based devices like Google Home Mini, Amazon Echo, etc.

But while traveling, you don’t carry these devices with you and sometimes it is not possible to go online.

To enjoy music on the go, you can try these best offline music apps for iPhone we reviewed here.

free music download for offline listening iphone
Offline Music Apps For iPhone

If you use apps that play music offline, then you can save both battery life and cellular data compared to the time you use online music streaming.

Thinking about your need, we have reviewed a lot of music apps on the iPhone and picked a few of them.

Here we are writing an in-depth review of the best iPhone offline music app.

We hope you would like all of them.

Our Guide: 10 Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone

best offline music apps for iphone for free
Best Offline Music Apps

1.Google Play Music For iPhone

Google Play Music for iOS allows its users to download thousands of songs and has the feature to play them even offline. 

The standard account users can upload or store more than 50 thousand songs enjoy them both online and offline. It has a vast collection of music in its library. You can use them all. And no extra fees will be charged for this.

With this, you can be ready with your Music in any kind of situation.

Creating playlists, Watching ad-free content with YouTube premium music or YouTube Red are some other cool features it has.

 As it is google, it can suggest you music based on your choice, interest, taste, mode, locality, activity, priority and many more.

If you go with the paid version or play Google Play Music for premium services then you will get access to YouTube Premium Music for free as well as unlimited ad-free songs and music.

You can also share your Google Play Music with a maximum of 6 people from your family in the ‘Family Plan’.

Its an extraordinary offline music app for iPhone.

Despite being created and developed by Google, you can get it from the App Store. The latest version has a lot of bug fixes.


If we talk about the best music apps for iPhone, Spotify for iOS will be in the top 5 only because of its popularity.

The desktop, version and the phone version of this app have no difference. Creating playlists according to artists and music genre, listening to songs, sharing your personalized playlists with friends and others are very easy to do.

The main reason this app is listed here is that it has a feature that allows the user to play music offline as well as stream music online. The time you don’t get strong enough internet connection to stream music online, this feature will help you in your loneliness and a long trip with your favorite music playlist.

With the Spotify Premium Service, you can add up to 3,333 songs on your playlist which can be played offline.

The app automatically shifts to offline mode and plays offline music in case your device goes offline all of a sudden.

Spotify has one of the best features of recommendation, you can create radio stations, add songs and music in there, and they will be available on the app homepage.

Spotify has a library with a large collection of music, in the search box of the app, you can search for any music, album, artist or track, and there’s a huge possibility, that you will find that in there.

Though it has an android version too, iPhone users use it much more than android users.

3. Pandora Radio


According to the Apple App Store, Pandora Radio is the best offline music apps for iPhone. And there are many reasons behind this.

Some of the reasons are its easiness and the great customization feature. You can have a great experience with its user personalized music environment.

Keeping similarity with its name, it has a radio-type environment.

As we have mentioned earlier, it is very easy to use partially because of its clean design.

Let us introduce you to the customization power of this offline music player for the iPhone.

You can create your music playlist in the name of the artist, album, genre, music or your favorite songs that love to listen.

After making your playlist, the app itself will create another playlist or station where it will suggest the songs and music form the type of artists and genre and music you have chosen earlier or love to listen to.

In the recommendation field, Pandora is one step advanced, it suggests you songs you like or listen repeatedly.

Pandora has its own like and dislike button for every song. 

So it becomes more easy for the app to show music based on your interest. Plus you can add new songs, tracks, music, and artists on your station to help the app recommending songs. So that you don’t have to stick on any bunch of songs that an AI chose for you.

It allows free music downloads for offline listening on iPhone.


The first-ever music app from which music lovers got High Fidelity sound quality.

It is also full of High Definition music and gives you access to more than 40 million songs, tracks and awesome playlists which are curated by music journalists, experts, and artists.

You can download them all and listen to that music in offline mode if you wish to.

This app can take you to the destination of listening to offline music on the iPhone.

By High Definition music, this app means the highest quality available for any specific music.

Tidal also has got a pretty much big collection of music videos.

It has a unique feature of serving noiseless audio to its users.

This app’s audio clarity is so pure that it will help you to experience the music absolutely the way the artist has desired.


Containing more than 150 million tracks and music, SoundCloud became the biggest music streaming platform and audio database.

With its features, this app can please you in such a way that you won’t be thinking about anything else except enjoying the music.

From 150 million tracks and music, you can find a large collection of music from a lot of genres, artists, etc.

SoundCloud can be the last stop of your music listening program.

If you want free music download for offline listening on the iPhone, you would have to use SoundCloud Go.

6.Slacker Radio

If you listen to the radio now and then, Slacker Radio can be your very good friend.

Whenever you are in the mode of listening radio just go to the app, play music and enjoy millions of songs.

If you are online and want to download music for offline listening, just play the music and then hit the refresh button to download the music.

This app can be used as a perfect alternative to the Pandora iPhone. 

The music you have downloaded can listen offline anytime.

7.Apple Music

 If you have your hands on an iPhone, You can’t find apps that download music for free better than Apple Music.

It lets you surf the stations full of songs and music from thousands of genres, artists, and countries from around the world.

You can not only stream the music online but also able to download them to listen when your iPhone is not connected with the internet.

You can listen to the phone’s music library, iCloud music library, find out new artists, enjoy music which was purchased from the iTunes Store, downloaded from your computer received from other places. All of this can be done easily in this default music app of the iPhone.

The only challenging job is that you have to download the music and playlists separately.

Downloading music apiece is a kind of problem for the people who have a huge music collection on their online music playlist.

If you are not used to this kind of tasks, then you can just simply do not choose any plan after the trial ends.

Still, It is one of the best apps that download free music on the iPhone.

8.Groove Music

Designed and Developed by Microsoft, this app took online music streaming to a whole new level.

Groove Music combines all the songs that you have bought in one place.

It does not matter where did you purchase them. Even if they were being purchased with another device, you will be able to put them in your own music library. You can also show the app ceratin files or folders to search for music in there.

If you want to listen to music offline on your iPhone, then you just have to go to the app setting, hit the “automatically download all music” button and enjoy offline music from then to whenever you want.

No matter if you don’t have an active internet connection then.

9.Vox Music Player

With Vox Music Player, you can not only able to listen to your music offline on iPhone without any difficulty but also you can store your songs and music to the cloud space which is provided by the app itself.

Similar to Pandora and Slacker Radio, Vox has a radio-type feature so that you can surf your favorite music artists, albums and a lot more based on your music listening practice.

One of the best user interfaces is integrated into this app, so it became the best ios app to download music among a lot of iPhone users.

10.Musify Pro+

The Musify Pro+ helps you to enjoy your favorite songs offline.

 With only a simple search, Musify Pro+ can take you to the ocean of music, tracks, and song.

Just like the previous music apps with radio facilities, this app has also enriched itself by a Radio by which you can explore more than 20,000 radio stations.

Plus, any song can be repeated twice, thrice or more even before downloading them.

That’s why it is being one of the best iPhone music app in recent years.

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