How to Block YouTube Video Channels

From the time of the beginning, YouTube is developing itself.
Especially, it is getting professional improvement from the day Google bought YouTube.
Researching our attitudes and feedbacks while watching videos on YouTube, it has changed its algorithm for hundreds of times just to make sure we, the users are comfortable on YouTube and are getting proper videos we want to watch.
The video exhibition system of YouTube is kind of complicated. It is not like a human. It can show inappropriate videos sometimes which you may not want to see. And want to know How To block YouTube Channels you are bored with.

As YouTube did not keep that much feature to block channels, so you have to use the third-party apps as well break some of the rules of YouTube to block videos or channels.

Use YouTube Incognito Mode Or Pause Watch History

Before hopping into the third-party app method, let us introduce you with an in-house method of YouTube to block certain content.
YouTube Incognito Mode was first launched in 2018 and is available for users since then. Available for both PC and smartphone, despite working the same, located in a different place in pc and smartphone.

Using this stops YouTube from tracking what you browse and watch on their site. Eventually, it also stops YouTube from showing you suggested channel and videos before you.

To use it, go to YouTube, click on the three-lined icon beside YouTube logo in the left, then click on History,
Now a new page will appear on the right. Click on Pause Watch History and click pause again in the new pop up.

how to block channel on youtube
Turn Off YouTube Watch History

If you are browsing YouTube on your smartphone, then click on the profile picture, then settings, History and Privacy after that, and finally clicking on the Pause watch history option will you to the place.

To re-activate this, come back here and undo everything you have done just now. Whether you are on a PC or smartphone.

Control The Appearing Contents Of Your YouTube Homepage

Before blocking YouTubers, let’s try blocking certain videos.
YouTube homepage is the place of every kind of videos that YouTube thinks you like, or YouTube selected them according to your viewing habits.

From homepage to videos list on the right side of the watch page, YouTube shows videos according to your viewing habits in the as ‘Recommendation’ and the recently released videos from the channels you visit now and then.
But, still, the YouTube algorithm is not human, not even near to a human brain. It sometimes shows such kind of videos you don’t like………at all.

You can block videos from the channels you don’t want to see in your YouTube homepage or the recommendation section.

To prevent selected videos from showing up on your homepage or recommendation feed, go to YouTube homepage or YouTbe Video watch Page, select a video you want to block, hover your cursor in the video, don’t click it, click on the three-dotted icon that appeared just after hovering the cursor on the video.

Remember, to get that three-dotted icon, you have to take your cursor on that video without clicking on the video unless you won’t get the feature.

Anyways, after clicking on that icon, there will several options that appeared right in there, click “Not Interested” from there.

how to block youtube channel
Youtube ‘Not Interested’ Feature

If it’s just the video, leave it right there, you are done. But if you also want to block the YouTube channel, then click on the “Tell Us Why” option.
Then you will get several more options to select including “I’m not interested in this channel”. Click on that.

block youtube channels
Youtube ‘Not Interested’ Feature

Selecting that option make sure that videos from that channel do not appear to your recommended feed anymore.

This method blocks the channel from appearing in your YouTube homepage and recommendation section, but it still can appear in the search result.
If you want to block YouTube channel permanently, then jump on the next step.

How to Block YouTube Channels

For desktop, you can use Video Blocker to block selected videos and channels. It is available for Firefox, Opera and Chrome, Video Blocker gives you enough features to customize as well as blocking.

Its main feature is to block all and every kind of video of any selected channel. Doing this will vanish the channel from you. You won’t find any video of that channel anymore, not on homepage, not in the recommendation section. Let alone the videos, you won’t even find the channel after searching for it in the search box.

With this extension, blocking means blocking, none of those blocked videos will re-appear until you undo the process.

Let’s find out how it works

But alas, we could not find anything like an app or something that works in smartphones to block YouTube channels on the phone.

Block YouTube Channel: Video Blocker

As Google Chrome is a popular browser, most of the people use it, we are going to show you the process in Google Chrome.
Except for managing extension, the whole process is similar to Firefox and Opera.
Hope that you have downloaded and installed the extension from the link above.

At first basic blocking of the selected video.
It is as simple as the method we showed in the para about controlling the contents of the homepage.
Following that para, just right click on the video you don’t want to see, select “Block videos from this channel”.

youtube video blocker
Youtube Video Blocker


All the videos form that channel will be blocked, in other words, the channel is blocked now.
Yes, it is as simple as that.

The first time we tested it, it occurred some problems in this method, some of our mates also reported this problem (but not all of them).
So we want to give you some more methods of this extension.

Try It From Inside

On your browser, click on the Video Blocker Extension, a menu will appear, click on ‘Blocklist’. This can be called the control panel of the extension.
From here, you can manage the videos you block.
Now, click on the “Add New” button to add new channels on your blocklist.

how to block youtube video
Video Blocker Extension

For those who could not block videos with the right-click method even after re-installing the extension, can try again after adding at least one channel in this list. This will solve the issue.

Control The Blocklist.

Landing on the menu page of the extension will lead you to all of the options to set up and control.
When you are going to block a Youtube channel from the ‘Add New’ button, you will two boxes, one for the direct link of the desired YouTube channel and clicking on the second will give you three more options in a pop-up.

blocking videos on youtube
Blocking Videos On Youtube Using Extension
  • Channel

If you select this, you have to input the exact name of the channel on the first box. A Blocklist will be created, and the channels you have blocked will be there.
To avoid mistakes, you can copy the channel’s name and paste it here.
But, writing it yourself won’t make a difference unless you are not making misspelling.

  • Wildcard

Pretty similar to the first one. But it has productive work.
After selecting it, whatever keyword is going to be inserted in the first box, is going be searched. And then it will block all the channels that match the keyword
Example: cartoon, football.
This is an excellent way to block all the channels of a kind.

  • Keyword

This one does broad work.
The two previous options may work with channels only, but this one works both for channels and videos.
Insert a keyword in it and it will search for both videos and channels.

All these three will search for the keyword and prevent them from appearing on your YouTube homepage, search result, and video recommendation.

YouTube Video Blocker: Bonus Feature

After customizing everything, you password protect this extension so that any other user can’t change the settings add or remove channels from there.
To do this, click on the ‘Options’ button from the extension.

how to block youtube video
Blocking Videos On Youtube Using Extension

Then click on ‘Security’. There you can set and reset the password.
Keep in mind, that this does not prevent anyone from deleting the extension from the browser.

how to block a video on youtube
Blocking YouTube Videos Using Extension

Even if the extension gets deleted and you don’t know anything about this, you sure know one thing that someone watched the kind of video that you have blocked. Sneaky.
You won’t find this feature on Opera and Firefox versions of the extension. Only in Google Chrome Video Blocker.

The ‘Import’ and ‘Export’ strengthens security.
With this, you can download the block list and settings, and upload it to any other browser or computer. So, you never lose your customization even if anyone removes the extension.

blocker youtube
youtube video blocker
Blocking YouTube Videos Using Extension

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