Windows 10 Start Menu Search Not Working? Here’s How To Solve It

By windows search menu, people used to think about a simple program that helps them find out their desired file. sometimes appearing with a dog, and sometimes just a search box, just simply worked to find out the exact thing the user wants, pretty nice were those days.
In Windows 10, things got a little bit messed up. Though they have developed everything very nicely in Windows 10, they haven’t put that much concentrate in the Windows 10 Search Box, which is also known as Cortana.

But, yes Windows 10 updates made it easier. Some of the updates brought a few amounts of good features in Cortana too. As well as removing some unwanted and problematic features form Cortana.
Re-designed it to elaborate and provide more suggestion in the search result.
Which made it awesome to use.
Still, there remained some problem using Cortana.
we are going to discuss them and the solutions too.


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