Windows 10 Start Menu Search Not Working? Here’s How To Solve It

By windows search menu, people used to think about a simple program that helps them find out their desired file. sometimes appearing with a dog, and sometimes just a search box, just simply worked to find out the exact thing the user wants, pretty nice were those days.
In Windows 10, things got a little bit messed up. Though they have developed everything very nicely in Windows 10, they haven’t put that much concentrate in the Windows 10 Search Box, which is also known as Cortana.

Windows 10 search menu

But, yes Windows 10 updates made it easier. Some of the updates brought a few amounts of good features in Cortana too. As well as removing some unwanted and problematic features form Cortana.
Re-designed it to elaborate and provide more suggestion in the search result.
Which made it awesome to use.
Still, there remained some problem using Cortana.
we are going to discuss them and the solutions too.

Repair Windows Installation

You have to refresh your windows installation to get everything in default settings.

You may think that this can wipe out all your data from your computer, then I must inform you that you can use “Keep personal files and apps” option to prevent any unexpected data lose.

However, this is an advanced step we are describing here, although it can solve the problem from the core, if you don’t want to get into something like booting, then you can scroll down to see some easier steps. We suggest you try this if all the other steps get failed.

And if you want to try this, let’s get started.

At first, get a windows 10 disk or create a bootable USB to install Windows 10 on your PC.

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Now launch it. After that follow the directions to install.

Make sure to check the “Keep personal files and apps” to ensure lossless Windows installation which will be appeared in the “Ready To Install” page.

If it does not appear on the page, then click on “Change what to keep”, it will take you another page or give you more options. From there, click on “Keep personal files and Window settings” from there. This will make sure your data does not get deleted in the installation process.

Now you can hit the “Install” button.

Run The System File Checker

The methods we are going to discuss in here, this one is the easiest of all.

Anyone can do it in a few seconds. If you are a non-techy person, you should try it out first.

Firstly, open the Command Prompt. After a right-click on it, a window will open like the image down here. Write down this code in there.

sfc /scannow

This is the easiest way to scan your computer. 

Restart Antivirus/Enable Windows Firewall

Third-party antiviruses cause many malfunctions in windows, disabled windows search menu is one of them.

In some cases, antivirus makes Windows 10 search bar missing.

So, if your Cortana is missing, you can blame your antivirus at least for once.

However, we are not telling you to remove all the third-party antivirus from your PC, but to make sure that antivirus is not the culprit for the search bar windows 10 not working.

According to our studies across the internet among windows 10 users, we have found that most of the time Avast is accused of Cortana not working. So, remove avast from windows 10 to fix Cortana. Remove other antiviruses too, if you have any.

You can use Windows Defender as an antivirus alternative.

If Avast is so much important to you, you can give it a try. Deactivate the Avast shields for a while and then see if the Cortana works. If it is positive, then you can reactivate Avast shields again, it won’t be a problem later.

Plus, you can also try turning on the Windows Defender firewall. Some of the users have reported it to us. They have told us it worked for them.

We realize that, whether it is official or third-party, Windows security features are responsible for the windows 10 search bar issue most of the time.

So, try enabling and disabling some of the security features and see if that works. But, remember what you are doing so that you can fix if anything goes wrong.


In windows 10, the Swapfile and Pagefile are extremely connected.

Use Windows Troubleshooter

After the System File Checker method, t’s the second easiest method of this article.

Though, we can’t assure you it would work with hundred percent guaranty. But, as it is a small and easy method, we can give it a try for sure.

Okay, let’s get into this.

Step 1.

Go to the Control Panel, you will find it on the start menu, click on the start button, and then scroll down to the end, it’s on the Windows System folder. Click on it to open the control panel.

Step 2

Change the View to “Large Icons” or “Small Icons”. Then go through this, Troubleshooting > System and Security > Search and Indexing.

Step 3

After clicking on the ‘Search and Indexing’, you will get this pop-up.

Click “Next”

It will start a scan. After that, you can see a page, select your problem from there.

In here, as your windows 10 search not working, you should select the first one that says, “Files don’t appear in search results”.

Plus, if your Windows 10 search bar is not missing, but working slow, you can choose the third box

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