How to Fix Download Pending Error in Google Play App

How does it feel when you see “download pending error” while downloading apps from Google Play Store?

I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s horrible.

However, most of the people must dislike this thing. Especially for the people who are trying to download essential apps like hiring a taxi, renting a hotel or something like this which become very important to do suddenly.

We may blame the internet only. Yes, the internet also plays a good role in downloading apps from the Google Play Store. But in this situation, the internet is not the only reason.

There are three possible reasons for this problem we could find out.

And they are.

Using Public Wi-Fi: The more people are connected in the same network or internet connection, the more it gets slower. Sometimes, it so slow that it makes you feel that you are disconnected.

As it is a public Wi-Fi. A lot of people are supposed to connect it. When you also connect public wifi, sometimes after a deadline time it becomes slow.

And the problem occurs.

Using Roaming Network: Though roaming data is considered one best and fastest internet connection. But, in some countries and circumstances, it gets slower than hell.

Using Traveler SIM Cards: Though Traveler SIM cards are meant to be used worldwide, there could be some issues like the user purchased Call Time only instead of purchasing Data + Call Time while buying packages. In this regard, data is the problem.

Download Pending Error Google Play Store

Though, Google always advice to use good and powerful Wi-Fi connection or at least cellular network whenever you want something to download from the Play Store. But, if you anyhow fail to download, then the network is not the only reason.

So, you can now stop searching for new Wi-Fi networks or rebooting your Android Phone. There are other easier solutions we can provide you. All you have to do is to stay tuned.

Enable Background Data Usage.

If the phone is new and you have not touched most of the settings yet, then the possibilities are Google Play Store may be in the list of Unrestricted Data by default. Which is blocking it to access data in the background.

However, it does not stop the Google Play Store to download apps. But sometimes it occurs error downloading from play store.

So, it’s good to make sure Google Play downloads are not holding up for this reason.

To do this, go to Settings and then Data usage -> Data Saver -> Unrestricted data.

After getting there, search for Google Play Store by scrolling down.

Turn on the slider from the right side of Google Play Store. You can also turn on Google Play Services. Now, wait until the slider becomes blue.

If it is blue, now you can try again. This is enough to unblock Play Store from being restricted to access background data.

If it did not work, stay closed, more solutions are coming.

Stop All The Auto-Updates and Pending Installations

Basically, if there’s any download processing in the background, then google gives priority to that. Especially if that is any system update, app update or any previous downloads.

This also could be the reason play store not downloading apps.

So, to stop this, make sure there’s nothing in the download queue.

It may solve the problem and let you download apps from the play store again.

Go to Play Store, look upper left of your devices screen, click on the three-lined bars (☰) right beside “My Apps  & Games”, now stop every download that is pending and the auto-updates on the queue.

error downloading from play store

You may think that auto-updates keep you tension free from bugs, getting new features in time, provides security updates. Then why are stopping this?

Simply, re-activate this after you can download your desired app from Google Play.

Actually, you are going to love this deactivation if you knew that manual updates can free up space on android when auto-update fills up space.

Needed, isn’t it?

Clear the Storage Clutter

Deleting the download queue didn’t work on your device, right?

Normally, the download will interfere if there’s not enough free space.

Stay on the safe side, go to Settings, click “Battery and Storage”, and then click on “Storage”.

Now search for Google Play Store.

Here, some of the issues you can find are cache and app running permission.

You can click on “App Info” to clear some cache.

play store not downloading apps

You can also try one more thing form here, Force Stop Google Play Store App, and after a few moments, make it run again from here.

In some of our phones, we have found play store stuck on downloading because of SD card to be conflicting. The reason was the SD card was not set up properly, you can displace it and install it again.

But, if the SD card issue remains, then it must be corrupted, you can keep it out of your device. SD card is not mandatory to download from Google Play Store. Just make sure you have changed the download path to Phone Storage.

Bypass Download Pending Error

When the problem is head, then cut the head;).

You can always bypass the problem.

Instead of downloading apps from Google Play Store, you can hop on to Google Play website.

You can get on it with any of your Android browsers, and then log in to get the app.

You have to put information about your device such as device model etc. to download.

In some cases, you may have to install the downloaded apps from the path it was downloaded on your storage.

Everything Failed? Give It A Last Try

We can feel that you are thinking about yourself as the most unlucky person now. You have already deleted cache, displaced your SD card, changed the settings of both your phone and Play Store, tried to download apps with a different method, and before reading our article, you have rebooted your android device for numerous times, but nothing happened.

You may be are hopeless right now.

For the last try, you can check this out.

Type of Android’s factory reset, you can delete or remove your Gmail from android which is connected with Play Store.

And after a few moments, you can add it again, and try once again to download apps directly from Play Store.

Go to Settings -> Accounts -> Google. Select your account. Now click on the “Remove Account” button.

If the button is not there, then click on the three-dotted icon right after the account address on the upper side


The method described in here and in actual whatever method we talk over in Top Trusted Review is tried-and-tested methods and solutions.

In this article, we have added some methods which are borrowed from Google Play Help.

You can try methods that come to your mind such as rooting your android device, taking it the customer care or a specialist, breaking it with stone, etc.

And let us know which methods worked on your device on the comment section.

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