How to Fix Download Pending Error in Google Play App

How does it feel when you see “download pending error” while downloading apps from Google Play Store?
I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s horrible.
However, most of the people must dislike this thing. Especially for the people who are trying to download essential apps like hiring a taxi, renting a hotel or something like this which become very important to do suddenly.

We may blame the internet only. Yes, the internet also plays a good role in downloading apps from the Google Play Store. But in this situation, the internet is not the only reason.
There are three possible reasons for this problem we could find out.
And they are.

Using Public Wi-Fi: The more people are connected in the same network or internet connection, the more it gets slower. Sometimes, it so slow that it makes you feel that you are disconnected.
As it is a public Wi-Fi. A lot of people are supposed to connect it. When you also connect public wifi, sometimes after a deadline time it becomes slow.
And the problem occurs.

Using Roaming Network: Though roaming data is considered one best and fastest internet connection. But, in some countries and circumstances, it gets slower than hell.
Using Traveler SIM Cards :


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