How Many People Can Watch Hulu At Once

Hulu is an online-based video streaming service that makes your devices capable of playing content from across the internet without using an ordinary cable in your house. It’s an on-demand streaming service, so you can choose your favorite content from the ocean of contents on the internet.

Movies and premium TV Shows are available on Hulu. And if you are looking for a TV series, Hulu has a library of it. As it is a pay-as-you-go service, you may think of several questions like how many people can watch Hulu at once using a single account, how to buy Hulu subscriptions, etc.

We have all the answers and a complete guide for using Hulu. Just keep reading.

Hulu is just like Amazon Prime, YouTube and Netflix. But, the major difference between Hulu and other streaming services, they can stream TV shows and movies just after they get launched or premiered. And Hulu presents them to you in a few days or weeks after the actual launch. But, it is unusual, you can also get early access to the newly-released contents.

You don’t have to pay hidden charges as you do on the other streaming services. Then, How much is Hulu ?Hulu is not as expensive as the usual cable connection.

This inexpensive service does not add extra fees after a year of running, neither has any setup fee or tools purchase problem. You just need an active Hulu account and a running internet connection. 

Hulu is now available only in Japan and the United States. But you can open an account, choose any of the plans and enjoy Hulu and its contents from anywhere in the world.

The parent organization of Hulu is The Walt Disney Company. Time Warner and 21st Century Fox are also partners. Either to enlarge the ocean of their content or to increase profit, they have made a partnership with a lot of media organizations, studios, and content producing industries. MGM Studios, Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros, etc are big examples of them.

Hulu concentrates more on content quality rather than quantity. That’s why they don’t practice applying user-generated content like YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Facebook or other social media do.

Instead, Hulu broadcasts original TV shows like Rick and Morty (2013), Vikings (2013), South Park (1997), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013), Fargo (2014), The Simpsons (1989), Modern Family (2009) And movies like Avengers or Chinatown (1974).

Hulu is one of the best on-demand streaming services that have become popular in a very short time. Most of the popular internet contents are streamed here without any cable. As Netflix and YouTube do. All you have to do is to open an account in Hulu, choose a package, and start streaming Hulu. Hulu plans are way too cheaper than cable TV. An account, an active package plan, internet connection can lead you to the streaming planet.

But, the question arises, how many people can watch Hulu at once? As Netflix users share their accounts with others. Is there anything like this in Hulu? 

Let’s assume that you have purchased a Hulu plan, and decided to share it with your friends or family So that they can watch or stream TV shows or movies. What would happen then?Or, you wanted to log in to your Hulu account on another device. what would Hulu behave like, then?

To write this article we have researched the Hulu plans and found out the problem and solutions to the issue. The solution to both accounts and device limits of Hulu. Finally, we have described them in a way that everyone can understand. All you have to do is, keep reading this article until the end to apply the solution in your account.

How Many People Can Watch Hulu at Once

How many people can watch Hulu at once is mainly depended on which Hulu plan are you in. 

So, how much is Hulu?

Usually, Hulu offers three different plans. They are commercial plan, Non-commercial plan, and the live TV plan. 

  • Two people can watch a Hulu account at once, that means only two devices can stream on Hulu at the same time  
  • This setting can be revised too. It will change regarding the device you are streaming Hulu on, your location, and especially the Hulu plan you are on. 
  • If you feel disturbed about how many people can watch one Hulu account at once, and you want to increase the number whether it is people or devices, then you can go for the highest package.

 In this case, Hulu + Live TV can be the best solution for you. This package unblocks the limit of the screen. And it will be then “Unlimited Screens” for you. 

And if you try to stream more than two devices without upgrading your package then Hulu will show you “Too many streams are working.” as an error message.

Sharing a password or account is common in most of the people nowadays. But this harms the streaming companies. In actuality, no company will be happy to know any of their policy made lose its potential customers. So, they may stop these two people’s features too.

Still, Hulu has a feature to create six different profiles for your friends and family, but when it comes to streaming at the same time, it only allows two people.

How Many Devices Can Watch Hulu at Once

To watch anything on Hulu at the same time, Hulu has a good allowance. But, there are some individual devices that support all the features of Hulu. You can log in to your Hulu account using a TV, but Hulu won’t let you stream with that. On the other hand, you can stream Hulu using a game console, and also a smartphone. But, you are on TV, on your Hulu account, it won’t support Hulu Live TV. Below is the list of devices that allows account holders to stream Hulu library. They are Sony TVs, Apple TV, LG TV, VIZIO TVs Playstation 3 and 4, Roku Stick, Android TV and many more.

Any Android phones and tablets, Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV, Microsoft Xbox, Apple iPhone, and iPad, Google Chromecast, Nintendo switch, and Roku supports Hulu Live TV.

LG TVs supports both the Hulu library and Live TV.

How Many Screens Are Offered By Hulu

According to the policy of Hulu, if any account holder is watching any TV show, movie or video, then the other people from the six profiles won’t be able to watch or use Hulu at the same time. Hulu does not please two people of the starting plan at the same time. They have to wait.

Below are the plans of Hulu from where you can calculate how much you have to spend to make it unlimited screens.

Hulu PlanScreensCost/M
Hulu With Ads1$5.99
Hulu With No Ads1$11.99
Live TV + Hulu With Ads2$44.99
Live TV + Hulu With No Ads2$50.99
With Unlimited Screen AddonUnlimited$9.99
With Unlimited and Enhanced DVRUnlimited$14.99

How Much For An Unlimited Hulu Screen

After reading this article this far, you may have understood that a regular Hulu plan supports only one and the upper one allows two. Six profiles but two people when streaming at the same time. But there are plans for unlimited screens. Two of the plans of Hulu are suitable to say comes with “Unlimited Hulu Screens”.

The total cost of the plan with unlimited screens comes out in $44.99(Hulu Live) + $9.99(unlimited screens) is equal to $54.98.

And the second one is Hulu Live TV plan. The giant plan of Hulu, in other words, the best. It comes at $60. With this plan, you can enjoy most of the popular TV channels around the world. Along with unlimited screens, Hulu has some more features like Enhanced Showtime and DVR. 


 Hulu is an amazing streaming service if you are using it. Still, there are some other streaming services listed above, which deserves a try. Cause, you won’t find anything based on your wish matched to your choice, unless you try some of them.

Despite the limit problem of Hulu about account holders, some people have said that they could stream more than two devices without upgrading their plan.

We can not tell you try out as an experience, cause even something cautious can happen to your account.

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