How To Activate Windows 10: With And Without Product Key

Just after releasing the Windows 10, Microsoft announced that it is “the last version of Windows”.
They also added that they are going to concentrate on developing the windows 10 and it’s apps, instead of releasing new windows every year. Means, in future, we are not getting any new windows like windows 11, 12 or anything like that.

They will be working on releasing new features, making their apps more powerful, and supplying them to their users with every windows update. Yes, from the beginning of windows 10, Microsoft is force-inserting windows 10 to the previous users. But, you won’t get the big updates of windows unless you have activated the Windows 10 with a genuine product key.
The people who won’t buy one, would go for a cracked window 10 in torrent sites.

Activate Windows 10

And the people who won’t get any one of them will try to find a way on how to activate windows 10 without a product key.

And if you don’t activate your windows 10, even if windows may have force-inserted the windows on your PC, you are just using a demo of Windows 10 in which you will be missing a lot of features that Windows 10 is famous for.
The demo offered by Microsoft is available for any device, but not fully functional.
Anyone can download the ISO version from Microsoft easily.
And it can be installed in any PC. Even you can install windows 10 on mac.
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These demos are not activated. So you are not getting all the awesome features from Windows.
To activate windows 10, you have to follow some rules. Which are about to discuss now.

Activate Windows 10: With Product Key

Let’s suppose that you may have installed the Demo, but for the lack of features and lot’s of limitations, you decided to purchase a product key from Microsoft and also bought it.
Now you can follow this method to activate it.

Go to the settings
Click on System
Then, click on About.
From the ned of the page, click “Change product key or upgrade your edition of windows”.
Or, you can also go to this place by clicking on the watermark saying “Activate your Windows” on your screen.

After clicking on that button, it will take you to the activation page, click “Change product key”.
A box will appear, write down the Windows 10 product key in there. Click Next after revising the key.

How To Activate Windows 10

Purchase Directly From Store

Microsoft has a product sales page for Windows 10 on their website, They sell both Windows 10 home and pro in there.
Just go there and select which one you want to buy.

Windows 10 Home can be bought at $139 and Windows 10 pro at $199.99

You can purchase and then download windows 10 pro or home like any other apps. It is the same process to buy any app from any store. Pay with your Card, Paypal, or whatever payment method you posses.

How To Activate Windows 10: Without Product Key

Use Activator

You can activate your windows 10 with an activator.
All the Windows activators we have used, this one is successful all the times. Other activators failed in some of our computers, but this one worked in every PC we have tested. That’s why this one stays in the first position all the time.

Before downloading we suggest you watch this tutorial

This is a simple process. Just download the activator by clicking the download button below and start activating.


If you are new to this kind of software, the unzip the file when the download completes, then you can follow this video, this video describes the best process of this activator.


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