How to Delete an Instagram Account

If you are searching for how to delete Instagram, then we can say you are in the very right place. There may a lot of reasons to delete accounts from this image-sharing media. But, we have got two reasons the most from the people around the globe. And they are either to get rid of this time-killer image-sharing media or to get rid of everything related to Facebook as it steals data. (When you already know that Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook).

Whatever the reason is, deleting or deactivating an Instagram account is quite easy.

We can ensure you this will be your last stop to learn this. 

So, in total, there are two ways to get rid of Instagram. At first, decide one of them. 

  1. Permanently Delete Instagram Account: There’s an option to delete the Instagram account. If you do that, then you will lose everything related to the account such as likes, comments, photos, videos, followers. In other words, the Instagram profile with everything will be deleted permanently. When done, no one can get the account back to you. Neither can anyone get any of the data recovered. In addition, we will give you instructions to download data from your Instagram account, so that you can download all your data like the photos and videos you have uploaded, and entirely download the whole Instagram account. Because you can never use the user name to sign up for a new account or add that user name to any other account. 
  2. Deactivate Instagram Account Temporarily:  Apart from deleting, you can also make your account look like deleted while it is not. Its called deactivating your account. Once you do it, your account along with all the pictures, videos, comments, likes, and every activity will vanish. No one on Instagram can see them. This can be solved by simply logging into your account and everything will be normal like it never happened. This is the safest option available on Instagram (and almost on any social media) to get rid of it for a while. No matter what the reason is if you don’t want to get out of Instagram permanently and just want some time to stay out of it. Then deactivating is best for you.

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