How To See Every Photo Someone Likes on Instagram And Also See Their Liked Videos, Comments, And More

  • By: Shajib Hossen Emon
  • Date: June 27, 2023
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Nowadays, almost everybody knows how to track other people’s activity on Facebook. I mean, it’s as simple as browsing the site. In fact, that’s what all of us do on these social sites. On Facebook, Everyone’s activity can be seen in the newsfeed. Or, you can go to that person’s profile to check only his/her activity. 

But, on Instagram, it’s not that much luxury. In the news feed of the Instagram app, you can’t see anyone’s each and every activity, it only shows you their shared photos, uploaded videos, people and hashtags that you follow, and of course the never-ending ads. 

To see more of their activities, you have to go to their profile. Even there you can’t see much of the user’s activity. On the app, it’s not possible anymore to see what photos and videos someone liked on Instagram in the Instagram app. Neither can be seen on the site. It was available before. But now Instagram has lifted this feature from both their site and app. 

They may have removed the feature, but the need behind this has not ended with it. People still need to know what photos and videos someone liked on Instagram in the Instagram app or website. 

So, we came up with a method to let you all know how to see what someone likes on Instagram.

This method is a little much advanced. With this method, you can monitor anyone’s Instagram activity anonymously. That means, with this method, you can monitor other Instagrammer activity whom you follow, plus, you can see the activities of the user that you don’t follow. Anyone can see what someone likes on Instagram and liked videos, comments, and many more.

Also, to see when someone was last online on Instagram, keep reading the article. We have something bigger than you think.

See Someone’s Liked Photos, Videos, Comments, And Likes On Instagram Anonymously

Suppose, you have to monitor someone’s activity anonymously. Like even without following him/her, you wanna know what he/she does on Instagram. What would you do then?

Here’s the solution, you can use Snoopreport. You can use it to know what the user is doing like what does like, where does he comment, whom does he follow, etc


 What Is Snoopreport And How It Works?

Snoopreport is a tool that allows you to monitor Instagram user’s activity even if you don’t follow them.

tracker for instagram
instagram activity tracker

All you have to do is to add the Instagram user to the tool, and it will report to you all the information about the user. A comprehensive report on the user’s likes, comments, follows. It does not matter if it is a personal account or a business account. It can provide data according to weeks.

You can learn a little bit more about Snoopreport from this video

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How To Use Snoopreport

You can follow the instructions down here to know how to see someone’s liked posts on Instagram

track instagram
track instagram
  •  After you log in or sign up, the tool will take you to the dashboard, you can also add multiple accounts here and remove the extra if not needed. Package options are available there. 
like on instagram
like on Instagram
  • And previous reports are also there. To start monitoring others’ Instagram account, you have to add them up in there. You can use the username to add them. multiple can be added. To add multiple accounts, just use a comma after every username. Or simply use a row list.
tracker for Instagram
tracker for instagram
  • When you enter the username, the tool will show the suggestion in a dropdown menu. You have to click the targeted one to select the account. Your targeted account will only appear on the dropdown menu if it is a public account. It won’t appear if is a private Instagram account.
see every photo someone likes on instagram
see every photo someone likes on instagram
  • You have to buy a package in order step further. There are three packages in total. The packages include two to a hundred account checkups. It also includes weeks of monitoring. The weeks you are buying are available in total. This means you can use all of those weeks in a single account or distribute them among the accounts you have added.
how to see likes on instagram
how to see likes on instagram

Example: You have purchased 26 weeks, and 16 accounts are added to your Snoopreport dashboard. You can distribute them on the accounts as you wish. You can give 8 weeks to one account, 4 weeks to another, and the rest of 14 accounts get 1 week each to monitor. Or you can also customize the number according to your choice and priority.

how to see the likes on instagram
how to see the likes on instagram
  • When you are done with the payment and week distributing, the monitoring will get started automatically. You can more accounts anytime. And also can add times of monitoring. To do that, you have to click on the buy time button on the added accounts.
  • It takes almost a week to render the report to show you. The timeframes are available on the dashboard, you have to click on them to see the report. Then Snoopreport will let you view every photo someone liked on Instagram.
  • The report that contains Instagram accounts likes will be something like this.
How to see what posts someone has liked on Instagram
How to see what posts someone has liked on Instagram

Along with the likes, the report will show you all the user activity on Instagram. 

App to see what someone likes on Instagram
App to see what someone likes on Instagram

The tool mainly prioritizes the like’s part in its report page. You can see what pictures someone likes on Instagram in a large portion of the tool.

How to see likes on Instagram of others
How to see likes on Instagram of others

You can also see the photos and videos liked by the Instagram user. 

The report also shows the accounts that follow the targeted account and allows the report files to be downloaded in CSV and PDF format. Group reports can also be created from the tool.

How to see likes on Instagram again
How to see likes on Instagram again

See When Someone Was Last Online On Instagram

Instagram allows its users to see the last active time of a user in the direct section. 

You can use this feature to see users’ online status as well as the last active time if the user did not block you. The direct section lets others see if you are online or not. That means people also can watch as can you. This feature is activated from Instagram for all of its users. But, you can disable which will stop others from watching your active status on Instagram. 

In this article, till now we tried to show you how do you see what pictures someone likes on Instagram. But, that’s not something that you can look for when the user was last active on Instagram. That’s not even close.

The method below will let you know the last active time of the targeted user. Point to be noted that, with this method, you can see the last seen and activate status of the users that you were already chatted before. Let’s get started. 

At first, you have to update the Instagram app. If you are using an Android, go to the Play Store, and on iPhone, go to the apps store. And from there search for Instagram. Open the page. Hit the update button. Wait until it’s done.

  1. On the Instagram app, got to Instagram Direct. You can swipe on your left to go there directly. Or, just tap on the paper plane icon on your right side of the screen. It will take you to Instagram Direct. 
  2. Here you can see the list of the people whom you chat with or have a connection like, they follow you or you follow them.  
  3. Beneath every name, there is a line that says time the accounts online status. it can be written “Active Now” if the user is online then. It can also say “Active 7 minutes ago” or “Active 2 hours ago” etc.

From here, you can know from whom you will get a reply instantly if you message them as it shows if anyone si active now or was active 5 minutes ago.

Be aware, accounts that have turned off active status for everyone or for you, won’t show up here. You can also get vanished by turning it on. Doing this can also incapable of watching others Active status using this method. The same method applies to Whatsapp too. 

Every user of Instagram has full control of it. ANyone turn it on anytime or turn it back off. It is one of the popular and most used privacy settings in every social media


  • Is there an app to see what someone likes on Instagram?
  • There’s a lot of apps to see what someone likes on Instagram. Among we have found Snoopreport good and working. A lot of people use this. If we found any more app or tools to do the same task, we will let you know right in this article.
  • How can I see what my girlfriend likes on Instagram?
  • At first, you have to follow her. Then click on the Heart icon. Then after clicking Following, go to the end of the page. Search until you find out her name. From there, you can what she likes, and a few of her recent activities.
  • Can you no longer see what your friends liked on Instagram?
  • Instagram’s recent updates don’t allow users to see others’ likes anymore. The platform has removed it because the users don’t use it much, they said. Now, you can other likes by using third-party tools.
  • How can I check who my girlfriend recently followed on Instagram?
  • There are two ways to do this. Go to your Activity tab, There’s an option to see if anyone who you follow, follows others. Like and comments are also available in there. Secondly, you can use the Instagram app. From the app, go to the profile page of the targeted user, and just scroll until you find there following accounts.
  • How can I see what pictures My boyfriend likes on Instagram?
  • You have to go to Instagram from the app. Hit the Heart button, you can see it right beside your profile button. The list of likes and comments on your photos is here. At the end of the page, you can see a button named ‘Following’, click on that to see the activity of the accounts that you follow.
  • Can you see photos others have liked on Instagram?
  • On Instagram, if you like a photo, anyone can see that easily. Anyone who can see the post can also see the list of people liking it. When you like a photo, your follower can also see it. They see it in this way “‘Your Username’ and 832 others”.
  • Can I see what I liked on Instagram?
  • Head to your Instagram account, go to the menu, hit the profile icon. Go to settings, there’s a list, select Account, click on the option Tap Posts You’ve Liked. 
  • How can you see someone’s activity on Instagram?
  • From your Instagram profile, hit the three-lined button on the right side of the top corner, click Settings. From the end of the page, go to the Privacy section. Hit the Activity Status. 
  • Does Instagram have an activity log?
  • You can use the activity log in the Instagram app. To get there, just click on the heart icon from the bottom of the screen. It has all the activity history of your account. Including the people that have started following you recently.


Long ago, Instagram has removed its feature to let users see what others have liked on Instagram. But, people are always curious about other people’s deeds. People want to know what others are doing. And if it is in social media. Then it’s obvious. If you really want to know how to see your girlfriends or boyfriend likes on Instagram. Then this method is a must.

Using Snoopreport is easy. Also, it has some interesting features. Such, as, you don’t even have to follow the Instagram account to monitor that. You can do it anonymously. It is so amazing. So, to view someone else’s liked photos and videos on Instagram, Snoopreprt is an amazing tool.

Let us know in the comment section how many accounts are you monitoring.

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