YouTube Secrets: How You Can Start A Successful YouTube Channel

 It may seem too hard to start a youtube channel. But believe me, it is so much fun that you can’t even imagine. At least I have experienced a lot of fun during opening my own YouTube channel. 

Along with the fun, to grow a youtube channel fast, you must do a little research on the field you about to open a channel on youtube.

 I also had done research on my youtube niche. And then it was fun from the beginning. Today I will show you guys how to start a successful youtube channel. 

Create Contents That Make People See Your Videos

YouTube algorithms work for sake of the user, not the creator. They are programmed to show the best and relevant content to the user’s homepage or the suggesting section of the watch page. 

The algorithm monitors the user’s behavior on the site. If a user clicks any video just after it appears on his screen, then it sends a good signal to the algorithm about the channel that uploaded the video. In the future, the user will be suggested with the same creator’s video on his YouTube homepage and suggestion section beside the watch page. That very same video will also be shown in front of a lot of other users across YouTube. That’s called ranking. 

If you keep making good videos, then you may keep the ranking on your side. But if the quality of your videos is getting worse day by day. And YouTube is ranking them. You may get a few views in the first place. But, once people find it out and start hating your channel. They might unsubscribe from your youtube channel and avoid it. Then it will lose its ranking. Even if it does not, and the users find your channels or videos on their homepage again, then they might block your channel from the youtube homepage. From then, it will never appear before them. Not even if they search with the channel’s name. Even, if they search for keywords on YouTube, then YouTube itself will exclude your videos from appearing on the search result of the users who blocked your youtube channel or video.

Do Some SEO For Your Channel.

This ranking thing comes to shine when you create great content and do proper SEO for both your videos and channel. 

If you want other peoples to find your videos on youtube in the first positions whenever they search with the keyword you work on, then you must do proper SEO for your channel and video.

YouTube Channel SEO 

At first, select a good name for your channel. A name that has the possibility that people may search with it. It must be easy to pronounce and easy to write. Design a great looking profile picture and a channel art which is also known as a cover photo. Design them according to your channel and niche. Write down a proper description in the description box. In the description box, write about what you do and will do on your channel. Make a logo and put it on the brand section. You can also use the profile picture as a logo. 

YouTube Video SEO

Try to upload every video at a certain time. Like, your fans should know that you upload videos at 9 PM every day. Now, if you keep this continued, then your fans will visit your channel every day at 9 pm and watch the video. The first 24 hours of activity of a youtube video is very important. YouTube counts first impressions. If they see your video is getting the people just after uploading then, they will consider it to be ranked. And sometimes, video ranks for this impression. 

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