Powerful Marketing Tactics: How to Promote Your Business on Instagram?

  • By: Shajib Hossen Emon
  • Date: June 27, 2023
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Nowadays people use a lot of social media. Like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp, and Instagram. Among all of them, Instagram may not have the most users. But still, nearly 1 billion people use Instagram per month around the globe. 

They may be users to the rest of the people around the world. But for the entrepreneurs and marketers, they are customers. As a marketer, one must know how to promote business on Instagram.

 A lot of top-standing companies use this platform to drive sales and leads for their company, brand, service, or product. 

If you also want to advertise your business on Instagram then the way the big companies do then, follow the instructions from here. 

Use The Free Instagram Tools As Much As You Can.

A lot of people may know Instagram as only photos videos sharing platform, but actually, it is not. there are enough free tools to promote any business on the very platform. Using them properly can reach your company or product to a lot of people around the world. 

One of the free tools is the business account by which you can get to know the behavior patterns of your customers along with marketing.

To open a business account on Instagram, you may have to provide a call to action and other contact-related information. This also makes it easier for the users to contact you either by calling or personal message or whatever they feel comfortable with.  

instagram marketing tips

Instagram business account holders also get their hands on the analytics which unavailable in normal accounts. By analytics, one can easily monitor the behavior of their followers. With analytics, it’s easier for you to know what your followers do on your profile and what they want.

All these extraordinary features can be available only on an Instagram business account. So, if you think these are some features that are perfect for the marketing plan of your business, then you can go for a business account. 

By this, you can use the full size of Instagram within your account.

Share The Instagram Posts On Social Media 

Instagram is not the only player here in the social media world. There are a lot of other social media out there. Some of them are even bigger than Instagram itself. You can publish some of your best content of the week or month. And then share them with the users of other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. So that the people from those platforms can reach your business.

This can boost your boost both your Instagram profile and business to another level.

So, while making your social media marketing plan, keep this in mind. 

Create Great Contents

When people say Instagram, others hear photos. So try to post images more than anything else. Post images along with other posts. 

Keep the images engaging and appealing enough to draw the attention of your followers. 

All of the content that is shared on your Instagram profile must add value to your followers. Each and every one of them. Always try to post content according to the needs of your followers. Once you can convince them they all can be your customers eventually. So, all of them are important as well as all of the contents. Be careful with all of them, while publishing anything on your profile. 

To keep all of your followers engaged, you can post various kinds of photos, videos, and articles.

Be Creative With Ideas

Marketing on Instagram does not mean posting images only. Think of new ideas every day. Marketing is not anything like sticking to anything individual. It’s like throwing a lot of stones at every angle. So, try to maximize the types of content to increase chances. Try to post videos, stories, articles, infographics along with images. So that your viewers don’t get bored. Expose your business or company in many ways.

Continuously Publish On Instagram.

Posting continuously on any platform gives a good signal to the authority and pretty good for the algorithm or AI to understand that you are on the track of whatever you are on. And Instagram is not apart of this.

You should create a schedule to either post or create content. Follow the schedule strictly for at least a month to know if you have to change it or develop it. You can call it an evaluation of your content production. 

On the other hand, social media like Instagram is full of active users. People love to see content here. You can get a lot of followers here. But if you don’t post new content regularly, your followers may get disappointed every time they visit your profile. And you may lose followers eventually. Like the same, if you produce a lot of content and they keep getting a lot of them on their homepage, it will be annoying for them. And the result is the same as the previous one. You will be unfollowed. 

Continuously Publish On Instagram.
Continuously Publish On Instagram

So, you must follow a decent routine to post your content. And the schedule must be based on your business model and type. 

Include Popular Hashtags 

To increase engagements withing Instagram, there’s nothing more powerful than using popular and trending hashtags. Including at least two or three hashtags with every post you publish can increase your reach a few times better. 

Always, use the hashtags carefully, which means only use the related hashtags in a decent amount. 

Also, creating your own hashtags can make it easier for the users to search with that and engage in another way. 

Using hashtags can also increase the trust of Instagram. Brand Awareness can be earned by using Hashtags. 

Value Your Followers 

Interacting with your followers can rapidly promote your business. 

People die for followers. If you get some, value them. If they comment on your posts, reply to them. If they ask any question about anything like product, service or offer, answer them. Reply to their messages. Each of them. This can create another relationship with your customers besides followers. 

So, try to follow all these Instagram marketing tips to shine on Instagram.


Thanks for reading! We hope you found these powerful marketing tactics helpful in promoting your business on Instagram. Using these tricks, can expand your business more than ever and may be able to save the budget of hiring a WordPress Agency in the future.

If you have any other tips or tricks, be sure to share them in the comments below.

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