PUBG Crashing on Launch? Here’s How To Solve It

A lot of gamers have sent complaints that they are unable to play PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) because of crashing. 

From the beginning of PUBG, people are fond of this. A lot of people are out there who like it very much.

It is very disappointing if you are playing your favorite game, and it keeps crashing.

PUBG also has a lot of crashing issues, as PUBG network lag detected, PUBG crashing on launch

Now in this article, we are going to show how to fix PUBG crashed on launch.

So, let’s fix the PUBG crashing on game start

Solution 1. Update to the Latest Version

The first and foremost thing you should do is to update the game to its latest and most updated version. This method usually works. Because following the reports from the users like you, the developers solve those issues from the application and adds it to the next update version. You can get that by updating it from the official source. The updated version fixes most of the bugs the users have experienced in the previous versions. 

Even you are not facing any errors while gaming or the method did not work on your device, still, you should update the applications you use to stay on the safe side all the time. 

Solution 2. Disable the Overclocking of Your GPU

Overclocking the GPU usually works to make your PC faster. A fast PC is always good for gaming, indeed badly needed for a good gaming experience. Although, overclocking your GPU can harm your game’s durability. 

If you are unable to find out whether it is the overclocking that is causing the PUBG to crash. Then, you can try overclocking to be sure. Do it and see if the game crashes then. If you get a positive result, then lower your GPU to its default settings. 

It’s a proven solution that is tested by a lot of gamers.

Even, some people, to whom the issue was not solved totally, have reported that it has reduced the time crashing during gaming.

Solution 3: Check Out The Game’s Graphics Card Settings 

If your device is not strong enough to run the game in high graphics, but still the graphic setting on the game is set on high resolution. Then you may be experiencing the crashing issue. Because the settings it has come up with, haven’t got that much power to run on. So it’s crashing now and then. It would be a good idea to check it out on the settings of the game. 

Let us guide you on where to check.

  • Go to the settings option of PUBG. 
  • There’s a menu, click on the Graphics tab from there.
  • Find out where is V-sync from the end of the list.
  •  Disable it now.

It will lower the graphics resolution. 

Plus, you can also use the Windowed mode to play the game, it’s also so much helping to play any game in lower graphic mode. 

Now, we hope that it solved the issue.

Solution 4. Test Your Computer’s Memory

Whether it is PUBG or any other game, whether it is a high graphic game or a lower one, a faulty memory always causes an issue in every game.

So, you should keep checking the memory. The reason we are saying ‘keep checking’ is because memory can be a faulty one anytime. You should be checking it on a regular basis. 

To check this, the only is to go through the Windows settings.

  • Go to Windows 10 search box. Search for memory in there. 
  • Hit the Windows Memory Diagnostic from the result.
  • A pop-up screen will appear, choose the first option from there.

Your computer will take a restart. When opening up, it shows you the instruction on what to do next. Follow them. The process will complete along with solving the issue.

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