PUBG Network Lag Detected? Here’s How to Fix It

A lot of gamers have reported in forums that their PUBG Network Lag Detected when they are on the game. Any error that stops video game during playing is unbearable. 

This is just a minor issue that can be solved easily when guided properly.

Now, in TopTrustedReview, we will show you how to fix this PUBG network lag issue decently.

PUBG Network Lag Detected

In the beginning, it was just an ordinary game released by some individuals. The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game went through the market. People playing it. It became popular in a very short time. It was running in that condition for months, even after being that much popular. During that time, a lot of users reported the PUBG network lag issue and some other issues like PUBG crashing on launch, etc.

A few days ago, the game has got its first-ever official release with official support. The reports that used t to come from the users are still there.

PUBG Network Lag Fix

PUBG is also available for Xbox, so we tried to find if the error shows up in that device too. And we have got a piece of positive news. As it is not an issue from the device side. So, we can assume that this kind of issue with your network.

If you have tried playing other online games and browsing sites and you are quite sure that there nothing wrong with your network and internet connection, then carry on reading this article. We have got solutions for you to fix the PUBG lag detected issue.

Solution 1: Reset Network Configurations

We have a lot of cases where we saw that the user’s network configuration was not compatible with the network they were using.

Which became the main reason for the network lag issue on PUBG. 

If you also think this is the reason, then you may try resetting your network configuration to get rid of the issue. To reset your network configuration, follow this guide.

  • Search on Windows with “cmd“, then click on Run as administrator. 
Open Command Prompt As Administrator
How To Open Command Prompt To Run as Administrator
  • Or, Type Windows Key + R, then type CTRL+Shift+Enter toopen the command prompt as administrator.
How To Open CMD as Administrator
Open CMD As Adminitrator
  • Paste these commands at the end of the line. Hit the Enter button after pasting every command.

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

netsh winsock reset

  • This will reset all the network settings. And reconfigure them.
  • Now try to play PUBG and see if the issue is still there.

Solution 2: Check Game’s Integrity

If you could not solve the issue by following the previous solution, then you can check its integrity to see there is any fault on the game itself. Sometimes there might be a single or several files that are either corrupted or missing from the game of software. Then the game loses its integrity and can cause errors in the Game. So it’s important to check the integrity of the game. If your PUBG version was bought from steam then it is quite easy to check if the game is corrupted.

It is a good solution to check the game from the core of itself to strike any issue.  

So, let’s do this.

  1. Go to Steam. 
  2. Click on the Library. Click on Properties. You will see this after right-clicking on the PUBG option.
  3. From there, click on the Local Files tab.
  4. There are a few buttons in there. Click on the Verify Integrity of Game Files button. 

Now it will scan your game, search for corrupted and missing files. And also will replace the original files.

 Wait until the scanning completes. Clos it when it is done. Go back to the game. We hope that it’s not there by now.

Solution 3: Reconfigure Router Settings 

Changing the routers QoS (Quality of Service) setting may be a good try to fix network lag detected PUBG. QoS allows you to set the priority for any specific application in your router. So that the application can be prioritized for the internet connection and serving data.

Prioritizing to any specific application makes other apps slower. But solves your problem effectively.

  1. Go to your browser. On the URL box, enter your router’s IP. You can get the IP from the backside of the router you are using. The IP should look like this
  2. Go to your routers Advanced > Setup to find QoS. This path may vary in different models. But sure you will find it if you take time to search.
  3. Turn Internet access QoS on and delete all the entries you can see in there.
  4. In the list, add PUBG and Discord on the top, also hit the QoS by device option. 
  5. Now enter the settings following the images below.
  6. Exit the router settings. You are done here.

It may have solved the issue.

Solution 4: Check If The Antivirus Or The Windows Firewall Is Blocking

The Windows Firewall sometimes blocks applications from connecting with the internet connection and also running applications on its own flow, so does the antiviruses. These programs encounter such kind of interference when they detect any unusual behavior from those affected applications. 

Whatever the reason is, this may be the problem accusing the issue. Even if they are not causing the issue, PUBG should be allowed to move through the Firewall. We can give it a try by checking these programs.

 So, let’s go through this.

  • Hit the Windows 10 search box, type Firewall.  Click on the Windows Defender Firewall when it appears on the search result.
  • When it opens, go to Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall from the left sidebar.
  • Click on Change settings, find where is PUBG in there. Click on the   Private and Public boxes from there.
  • Click Save and exit from there.

If you are using any third-party antivirus, then make sure that PUBG and Steam are in the whitelist, so that they are not blocked from accessing your device.

If you can not find that option on your antivirus, then the antivirus and Windows Firewall for a while to see if that solves the issue.

Solution 5: Update the Network Driver

Like outdated software, outdated drivers can cause a lot of problems in the device. Network problems may occur because of outdated network drivers. So, updating the network drivers may be a good try to solve it.

Now, how to update network drivers?

  1. Head on the Device Manager.  
  2. Click on the Network adapters, right-click on the “network driver” option.
  3. Click on the “Update Driver” option from the pop-up.
  4. Hit the first option which will search for updates or latest versions automatically.


Hitting the issue of network lag detected PUBG is not new. It’s as old as PUBG itself. There’s nothing to get afraid of. All you have to is to follow the rules here. You can solve it easily. We have gathered the information for you. So that you don’t have to search.

Let us know which one worked for you.

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