Solved: Windows Update Cannot Currently Check For Updates

Windows update problem appears with the dialogue “Windows Update cannot currently check for updates because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer” in a pop-up which means you can not update your windows right now.
Most of the time it appears because of the error in windows folder named “SoftwareDistribution”.

Windows 10
Windows 10

If you are also facing this problem on your computer, just follow the guide we are showing in here.
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Solution: Windows Update Cannot Currently Check For Updates

Solution 1: Solve “Windows Update Cannot Check For Updates” error manually.

Step 1: Find Out Services
  • Go to Control Panel /System and Security/Administrative Tools/ Services


  • Type Windows Key + R
  • Input services.msc when the search box appears.
Step 2: Find out Windows Update from the list, right-click it and then Stop it
Step 3: Find out Windows Update storage Folder and delete everything it contains
  • Go to This PC/My Computer aka File Explorer
  • Go to C Drive and then Windows

(If you have put your windows to any other Drive like D drive or E Drive, then go to there)

  • Find out the ” SoftwareDistribution ” folder
  • Now delete or rename it to ” SoftwareDistributionOLD” (deleting is best)
Step 4: Re-start windows update service
  • Just go back to the place (follow Step 1 ) and Restart Windows Update Service from there

It is going to re-generate and run all the programs needed for the update,

Now Try to Update windows again, It should work fine now.

Solution 2: Solve “Windows Update Cannot Check For Updates” error manually With Microsoft Fix It Utility Tool.

Step 1: Use Microsoft Fix It.

Hop on the link we gave down here, and download the Microsoft Fix It Utility Tool.


Step 2: Let The Fix-It Program do the rest 

  • After downloading, run it, click “Accept” on its first appearance. 
  • Click on the “Detect problems and apply the fixes for me”  section. It’s easy to do this way. The troubleshooter will start scanning.
  • When the troubleshooter finds the problem, click “Next” to let solve the Windows Update error. 

It should fix the Windows Update problem the way Microsoft does. If it does not. proceed to the next solution.

Solution 3: Solve “Windows Update Cannot Check For Updates” Error With The KB3102810 Security Update

Step 1. Use Another helping update.

  • Download and install the KB3102810 security update. It’s an official security update from Microsoft.
  • Wait until the installation gets completed.
  • Now, restart your computer, 
  • Later, follow the first solution of this article, to Stop Windows Update Service, and Delete or rename the Software Distribution Folder. Do it carefully.
  • Restart your computer again.
  • Finally, check for updates.

If it is searching for a long time, then that’s not a problem or error actually. It usually takes more than one or two hours to find updates. Give it enough time to search for updates.

Solution 4: Download and Install the latest IRRT Driver

To solve this issue, you can go for an updated, working driver form intel itself.

IRRT (Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver) will help you solving updates error.

Download it from here 

Plus, if you need any RSTS drivers for your PC, then you can get it from here

Let us in the comment section, which of the solutions worked in your PC and what kind of problems are you facing.


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