Why Does PUBG Keep Crashing? Solve It Now

This is an awesome game that became very popular among peoples around the globe in a very short time. Along with popularity, it brought a lot of errors like PUBG crashing, PUBG stuck on loading screen, etc. 

SO, a question from the millions of its users, why does PUBG keep crashing?

 Imagine playing your favorite game, and it keeps crashing during gameplay. How would it feel to you? Millions of PUBG fans feel this every day. and they might be asking themselves “Why does PUBG keep crashing?”.

Why does PUBG keep crashing?

PUBG crashing may happen because of your computer, graphics or any issue with the game itself. Any of them may be responsible for the issue or all of them. We can’t find out the exact culprit till we try out solving all of them.

Also, the game updates its weapon, new skins via its patches. PUBG may crash during this process.

How To Fix PUBG crashes

It’s so much frustrating for anyone. And we are happy to inform you that we have found a few solutions that work in this situation.

And there is nothing like “Restart your computer and try again”

So, let’s fix this now.

Solution 1. Install the Latest And Updated Patch

The developers update the patches in time to fix the bugs that were disturbing the users or causing issues in the previous versions.

There might be a patch update that you have missed when you were busy playing PUBG. It’s never too late. You can do it now. Just go to the store. And update the game. Make sure you update it from the official source.

Solution 2. Stop Overclocking Your GPU

To make your PC run faster, you may have raised the clock frequency. But, doing this harmed the stability of your game. Which often causes crash on your game.

The only solution for this is to lower the clock frequency or put it in the default settings. This should stop the crashes.

Solution 3. Check The Game’s Graphics Settings

A few heavy graphics can be found in PUBG. To make those graphics run properly, your game may have changed some settings by itself. And if your PC is not suitable with that much graphic loading pressure, its crashing.

Lowering a few of them may fix the issue.

  • On PUBG game’s settings, find out the Graphics tab.
  • There’s a list. Find the name  V-sync from the end of the list.
  • Disable it.

This should do the job. If it does not, and you quite sure this is the reason, then you can try playing PUBG in a windowed mode. That also lowers the graphics by changing the setting itself.

Solution Te our Computer’s Memory

Faulty memory can cause a lot of problems for any program that is running. Games are not out of the list.

You can check if your memory is doing this.

To check faulty memory.

  • Open the Windows 10 Search box, search for “memory” in it. Click on Windows Memory Diagnostic from the top of the list.
  • Click on the first option when you see a pop-up window.

It will make your Restart. And follow further instructions to complete the task.

Plus, you can try closing all other programs running on your computer from the task manager. 

Also, you can run the Steam client, so that you know nothing is restricting your game. Not even form the background.

Check integrity, got to Steam, then go to Library, then PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. Loos for the properties, right-click on it. Click on the Local Files. Then hit the Integrity check.

This should solve your problem 

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