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About Top Trusted Review

Top Trusted Review is a reputable tech site with a strong focus on computer tutorials, how-to, hacks, apps, and fixes. Our motto is to “Uncomplicating the complicated, teaching A New Way To Learn Technology“.

Founded in 2018 by Emon, the site was started as a means to document our learning and share our knowledge with others. It has since then grown to a popular site with a team of 2 writers.

What to expect from this site

In this blog, you will learn tons of computer, phone and software tips, and tricks that will change you to a computer geek (even without you knowing it). Topics covered here include troubleshooting your computer, optimizing operating system performance (be it Windows, Mac or Linux), simplifying tasks, software review, reviewing gadgets, and plenty of cool stuff. If you think that computer technology is only for geeks, then we aspire to change your thinking.

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