ARK Survival Evolved Color ID Chart-Dinos Regions

IDColor NameColor Hex Code
7Light Green#c0ffba
8Light Grey#c8caca
9Light Brown#786759
10Light Orange#ffb46c
11Light Yellow#fffa8a
12Light Red#ff756c
13Dark Grey#7b7b7b
16Dark Green#224900
17Dark Red#812118
19Dino Light Red#ffa8a8
20Dino Dark Red#592b2b
21Dino Light Orange#ffb694
22Dino Dark Orange#88532f
23Dino Light Yellow#cacaa0
24Dino Dark Yellow#94946c
25Dino Light Green#e0ffe0
26Dino Medium Green#799479
27Dino Dark Green#224122
28Dino Light Blue#d9e0ff
29Dino Dark Blue#394263
30Dino Light Purple#e4d9ff
31Dino Dark Purple#403459
32Dino Light Brown#ffe0ba
33Dino Medium Brown#948575
34Dino Dark Brown#594e41
35Dino Darker Grey#595959
36Dino Albino#ffffff
53Dino Medium Blue#5fa4ea
54Dino Deep Blue#4568d4

Asus ROG : The Revolution in Gaming Phone

Gaming is always fun. It’s a digital recreation system for the people in every sphere of age.
People love this thing since the first-day video game launched.
From the beginning of Gaming era, it’s popular all over the world.
Video game actually started nearly 5 decades ago.
Video games started getting popular when a company named Atari launched a game named Pong.
Since then millions of video games have been published.
And the gaming industries started producing more video games and devices.
Now, more than 1 billion people play video games all over the world.

Many of the Gaming industries invented everything related or needed to gaming and for gamers.
It was really a great competition between them so far.
Anyhow this competition led to great advantages to the people who used to be gaming aka (also known as) Gamers.
Among the advantages that were brought by the gaming, industries were consoles, new video games, new and great additional features on video games, VR gaming, separate and special devices only for gaming, revolutionary change in the Personal Computer history, unthinkable new machines, innovational advanced technology in the display system, gaming technology that even a child can both understand can operate, making gaming technologies cheap and easy available as a piece of cake etc.

Undoubtedly these competitions were bringing the best advantages to the ordinary people, and the Gaming industries were growing like The Nuttall Oak.
But, even after this competition, revolution and inventory era was going on, one side of gaming was still in the dark Place, Less cared, underrated, devalued and unnoticed.
The side is mobile gaming.
No matter how far the Gaming industry goes, this one remains the same or little advanced.
We can see this in the past decade when mobile games were rising and devices were at the same place or invented a little. Yet, it remains the same.
Even after generating 37% revenue of the total gaming industry in 2016, No one noticed.
And then came Asus.
Thinking about the potentiality of mobile gaming, Asus released a gaming phone for the mobile gamers.
And it’s the Asus ROG Phone.
The beginning of the revolution in Mobile Gaming.

With the 2.96GHz specially-binned Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 845 processor and Qualcomm® Adreno™ 630 GPU in Asus phone, Gaming starts in a new way.
It has LPDDR4X 8GB RAM which made the phone a beast.

Got 6.0-inch AMOLED Display in a 4K resolution which has 1 ms response time.
Both Gaming HDR and Mobile HDR are supported in this beast.

A 12 Mega Pixel camera with a LED flash is set on this phone. The camera is compared with a typical 16 Mega Pixel camera.
Has 0.03 seconds phase-detection system.
They have developed this phone to do AI Photography.
The camera capable to take slow-motion video and takes still pictures while recording a video.
The front camera is 8 Mega Pixel attached with 8 various filters.

It’s a Dual SIM card supported Phone with Water Resistance and ASUS Noise Reduction Technology.

It comes with 4000mAh powerful battery to give you a longer gaming experience. The battery system also featured with AI.

Operating System.
It runs by Android™ Oreo 8.1 to let you explore and play all the android games. Also got ROG Gaming X mode UI
This device is indescribable without using it.
No one can describe it without having it on the palm of their hand and play with it for hours.
It’s a new revolution in mobile gaming, it’s gonna change the game of Gaming.
Cause it’s designed for battle, developed for Gamers, Engineered for visual performance and released for the Mobiel Gamers.