How To Delete Multiple Photos In Instagram: A Step By Step Guide

  • By: Shajib Hossen Emon
  • Date: June 27, 2023
  • Time to read: 13 min.

As an Instagram user, you may have found yourself with more photos than desired. You might have been tagged in a photo that you don’t want anymore or maybe your account has grown and now it’s just time to delete some of the old posts. Whatever the reason is, deleting multiple pictures at once can be done! This article will guide you through how to delete multiple Instagram photos.

Almost every Instagram user has had the experience of taking a great photo, uploading it to their account, and then realizing that they uploaded too many photos. This is not uncommon – after all, we can’t delete photos from our camera roll on our phone! Luckily for you, there are some easy ways to delete multiple Instagram pictures.

Delete Individual Instagram Photos? (Through App)

Simply launch the Instagram app on your smartphone.

Tap “Edit” which should be located near the bottom-right corner of your screen within all grid options for stories & posts.

Here, you will be able to see a list of posts that can be deleted or edited in the app. You’ll notice this is where individual photos and videos are located as well so if there’s one single photo you want to delete instead of multiple ones, go ahead! Tap on each post from your feed individually at which point Instagram should automatically load up an interface with certain features for editing it such as deleting it from your account altogether or using more specific edits like trimming its duration down by seconds.

Now when you tap “Delete” (located next to any edit button), make sure all other posts are selected before doing so because otherwise they won’t have been removed completely.

Use Third-Party Apps Designed for Instagram

There are few third [party apps that help to delete your images from Instagram and can make this quite easier than the manual one.

iOS Image Deleter for IG

InstaClean – Cleaner for IG on iOS

If you’re a social media addict and want to delete or manage your posts on Instagram, InstaClean is the perfect app for you. The iOS version of this software offers features such as deleting all photo posts from an account, managing followers lists and links list in accounts, mass unfollowing select users within an account, liking photos en masse with one click using “like factory,” etc.

InstaClean – Cleaner for IG is the only trustworthy iOS app when you want to delete your Instagram posts permanently. With a free trial and up to 50 actions, InstaClean will make sure that all of your old photos are deleted in an efficient manner without any limits or restrictions. In addition, there’s no need for me to worry about having too many followers because I can always go back with my archive if necessary!

Instant Cleaner – for Instagram

Instant Cleaner is a good enough app for any who wants to mass clean any particular object from their Instagram profile.

– Clean posts you’ve been tagged in that you don’t want anymore. InstantCleaner will delete the post from your profile and remove it from everyone else’s feed!

– Delete multiple accounts at once: if you have more than one Instagram account, this is a great way to clean either of them out quickly with just a few taps.

– Bulk Unfollow people without unfollowing their whole account – Instead of having to go through every person individually on your list to stop following some but not all, now you can do it all at once in less time! This feature helps filter who doesn’t interest or follow back so getting rid of those extra follows is much easier.

Instant Cleaner – for Instagram also gives you the option to delete photos that aren’t yours – which is a feature not easily found on other apps.

The Steps: – Tap Edit at the top of your profile page and then tap Multiple Photos in Your Activity Log. – Select as many posts from this list as you want to delete. If there are any you don’t want to be deleted, simply uncheck them by tapping next to their thumbnail. Once all selected posts have been checked or unchecked, tap Delete Photo Post(s). This will finalize your selection for deletion!

Step One: Login to your Instagram account. You can do this by clicking the icon in your phone’s app drawer, or go online at and log in there instead. Next, click on “Photos” from the top of the screen under “Explore”. The next page will show you a list of all posts made with that account

You want to select multiple photos by tapping each one individually while still holding down on them so they are highlighted. This allows for easy selection and deletion without having to scroll through numerous pages trying to find what you need. Tap ‘select’ when you have selected every photo that needs deleting

Tap delete the post (the button is located above where it says number) and confirm your choice. It will not delete the photo from your account but it will remove them from the list of posts on this page

Step Two: If you want to delete all photos at once, click ‘Photos’ again and then tap ‘All Posts’. Next, tap select in order to highlight every post that needs deleting before tapping the delete button (location is same as step one) To ensure everything has been deleted successfully, go back to explore and make sure no more videos or pictures are remaining under “Posts”

What’s next? Once you’ve completed these steps for both selecting multiple images and for deleting all posts with a few taps, your Instagram feed should be cleared out! You can start uploading new content or continue to delete posts until you’re satisfied.

Mass delete for Instagram

If you want to avoid spending money on pro versions of apps, this app can save your hard-earned cash. This app will give you the option to Mass deletion, Mass follow/unfollow, and mass unlike for Instagram. The layout is also similar to Instant Cleaner for Instagram so it has step-by-step instructions that are easy as pie!

This app is an absolute lifesaver. It’s a must-have for any Instagram user, because it will allow you to tweak your profile settings to perfection without the hassle of navigating through all those confusing menus! Although this app may not store your password itself, they do keep track of your account username in order to keep accurate records about how often and when you use their service. This means that rebuilding or resetting passwords won’t be necessary until after using the application – so make sure whatever security measure that was used before still remains secure once finished with this amazing piece of technology!

This great new tool has made modifying my own profiles on apps like Instagram as easy as pie while saving me tons of time from hunting down each individual menu item I need.

Cleaner for Instagram – Unfollow, Block, and Delete

If you are an avid Instagram user, download the Cleaner for Instagram app to get rid of those troublesome followers. This multipurpose tool lets you perform tasks in bulk such as Bulk Unfollowing and Deletion with just a few taps on your screen!

Step 1: Download & Install

Open this free Android App from Google PlayStore or iTunes store (or search “Cleaner For Instagram” in google) and install it onto your phone/tablet. Enter Login credentials – Your username and password when prompted by the application. Open up the program once the installation is complete if not opened automatically. Make sure that synchronization has been completed before proceeding through any additional steps so that all data can be successfully accessed within the software interface.

tap “Media”-> select all media files -> go with one floating flash icon (optionally) Select Delete -> Tap Start Now for deleting them

Step 3: From the bottom bar in Photos- > Media –> choose which pictures/videos that want to remove -Tap Quick Select button if they are scattered across multiple albums; Choose ‘Start Now’ after selection

Go ahead and pick out whichever choice is most suitable for what you need at that time. A word of caution though — free version this app allow only 50 photo deletion operations so if there’s more than enough numbers in your collection we recommend opting into their Pro Version ($3-$5)

How to Delete All Instagram Photos

Log in to your Instagram account and click on the blue circle with three lines. This will open up a menu where you can access your profile, settings, followers, and more. From here, scroll down until you see “photos” then tap it.

– The next screen should be displaying photos from newest to oldest – if not, simply use the arrows at the bottom of this section to switch between these two modes. Find all of the pictures that need deleting by tapping on each individual photo (you may have to swipe left or right). You’ll notice that there are no check marks next to each picture – we’re going ahead and making sure everything is deleted before continuing any further!

– Once you’ve selected every desired photo, tap the trash can icon at the top of your screen.

– Confirm that you want to delete all photos by tapping “yes” on this pop-up box. The app will now prompt you with a message asking if you’re sure – once again, tap “yes”. You’ll see a confirmation popup letting you know that every photo was successfully deleted from Instagram!

If for some reason any pictures were not deleted even after following these steps, please let us know and we’ll help get it sorted out as soon as possible. Hope this article helped in understanding how to delete multiple photos at one time!

How to Delete All Instagram Posts At Once

Instagram is a fun way to share your life with friends and family. It’s also full of memories, from great vacations to daily outings with the kids. But as much we love photos, sometimes you need more space on Instagram or just want some old pictures gone. In this post, I’ll show you how to delete all photos at once on Instagram!

Step One: Tap the three dots icon next to each photo that you want to be deleted. In this step, we’re selecting which photos will be deleted from Instagram.

Step Two: Scroll down until there are no more posts appearing under “Recent Activity.” This step is ensuring that all of our selected photos have been erased and nothing else has been posted since then.

Step Three: Select “Delete All Posts” (located at the bottom). This is how one would select their final post deletion selection when deleting multiple pictures on Instagram. For this last step, just confirm your decision by clicking on it again before proceeding with deletion like so…

 Step Four: Be careful not to delete anything important in future or past posts!

Another way to delete all your Instagram photos is by going into the app settings.

– Tap “Settings” in the top left corner of your screen (located next to Home and Profile)

– Select “Delete All Photos and Videos” from this menu. This will allow you to remove all content on Instagram, including videos & pictures. Remember that once deleted, these cannot be undone so make sure it’s what you want before proceeding with deletion like so…

Be careful not to delete anything important in future or past posts!

How to Delete All Instagram Photos

Launch your Instagram app and the Auto Clicker app.

Start by clicking on the Instagram app. Once that’s open, launch your Auto Clicker app. If you don’t have it downloaded yet, now is a good time to get it!

Click “Continue” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and type in your password as prompted. You’ll need to do this once per device if you’re deleting from more than one phone or tablet at a time; we’ll keep this process simple for our example so we’re only using one device here. Click on Continue again after entering in your password when asked and then click Agree (or OK) on all three screens until they disappear- these are just terms and policies about how data will be collected while completing this task with an automated script.

After clicking on Agree, you’ll be brought to a screen with all of your Instagram photos in the upper left column and different filters below it for sorting them through. From here, select which filter you would like to delete posts from (such as “Recently Added”, “Favorites” or “Following”) by scrolling down and tapping that one first. Then click on Filter Options at the top right-hand corner of that row so it turns blue; this will show up underneath the photo name/saved hashtag area where there were none before), wait five seconds, then tap Delete All Photos At Once under each filter option. This is how many pictures are going to be deleted per filter selected- if you want more than what


How do you delete multiple pictures at once on Instagram?

Here’s how to delete a post with multiple images on Instagram: select the three-dot menu icon in the top right of your screen, choose Delete when prompted and confirm that you want to remove it.

For those who need to delete an Instagram post with more than one image, there are two ways this can be done–the same way as deleting posts containing only one photo. To do so, open up the account where these photos exist (either mobile or desktop) then click on Edit above each picture until all have been selected for deletion. Once every photograph is highlighted and checked off next to “Delete,” tap OK at either the bottom corner of your phone display or mouse over the text notification button near the upper left side.

How do you mass delete photos on Instagram?

Your Instagram account has a picture for every moment of your life. But when you’re ready to say bye-bye, it’s important that all the good times are gone too! Delete an old photo from your profile by opening up the app and clicking on the “My Profile” icon in the bottom left corner. Tap “Delete” under each post and click delete again at the confirmation screen (so don’t forget!) Once finished deleting posts select Done – then done once more so there is no chance they come crawling back into existence later 😉

Can I delete multiple Instagram posts at once?

Instagram is great for many reasons, but the biggest drawback to it has got to be that you can only delete one photo at a time. If we could bulk-delete photos from Instagram with some third-party apps and get our hands on them all in just seconds, then life would be grand!

Unfortunately, there are no such things as magical shortcuts when deleting your pictures from this app alone; however, if you download an additional application like “Bulk Image Deleter” or “Instagram Cleaner,” they will help tremendously. There may not necessarily exist any perfect option out there yet – other than patience I suppose – but these two seem pretty safe bets right now (as far as we have seen).

How do I delete all my Instagram posts at once?

Did you know that deleting a whole folder of saved posts is as easy as 1-2-3? First, click on your profile photo and three lines in the upper right corner. Next, select “Saved” from those menu options before clicking on the blue button that says “Delete Collection” at its end (the one next to all those little dots). You can also choose which collection will be deleted by tapping anywhere within said selection box or tabbing over it with a mouse cursor instead. Lastly – just confirm if everything was executed properly!

How many Instagram posts Can you delete per day?

Actually, there’s no particular limitation about this from Instagram. From their app, you can only delete one at a time. 

How do you mass delete archived Instagram stories?

If you want to delete a post from one of your stories, follow these easy steps: Tap the profile button in the lower-right corner of the screen. Next tap the Archive button that is located in the top right-hand corner of the screen and then choose which story with posts it will archive. After this has been done, scroll down until you locate the Stories Post that needs deleting next select “More” (located on the bottom right side) after selecting More click Delete.

How do you delete multiple pictures at once on Instagram?

Instagram deletes posts that are simple to manage. To delete a post with multiple images, open the post and select Delete from the three-dot menu on the top right of the screen. Confirm deletion for all photos in one tap!

To break up your Instagram feed or remove an unwanted photo you can’t seem to escape cluttering it up, deleting these posts is easy peasy lemon squeezy—just follow this step by step process: Open any desired image containing that pesky picture; From there choose “Delete” on platform’s app interface (make sure not just one but ALL pictures); Finally confirm the deletion when prompted.


How much time do you spend on Instagram each week? Is it more than an hour a day? If so, then you’ve probably noticed that deleting posts can be a huge hassle. You have to delete one by one and we all know that’s no fun! Luckily, there is now a way to delete multiple photos on Instagram with just the swipe of your finger. Follow these simple steps below!

Instagram is a great way to share your life with family and friends, but it can sometimes be hard to keep up with the updates. If you have too many photos cluttering your feed, or if you want to delete some old posts for any reason, there are different ways that will help make this process easier. We’ll show you how easy it is by using an example. Let’s say we wanted to delete all of our Instagram posts from January 2016. This would only take a few minutes!

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