How To View Full Size Instagram Photos And Profile Picture

  • By: Shajib Hossen Emon
  • Date: June 27, 2023
  • Time to read: 11 min.

The pictures that you can see on Instagram are not shown in their original size. Whatever size the owner uploads the picture with, Instagram reduces the pixel size from every photo and then shows them to the other users. There are ways to view full size Instagram photos and profile pictures. We tried to find every method to view Instagram photos in full size, the size it was uploaded with.

Also, we can guide you even if you are searching for ways to view someone’s Instagram full-size profile picture. 

All the photos you can see on Instagram are compressed, mostly. So that it can load on your phone or computer faster than compared to not compressed photos. Just to, give you a good experience till the last time of your Instagram browsing. 

There could be a reason you would like to or have to view anyone’s full-size Instagram photos, sometimes. 

All of these guides are in this article. Keep reading.

view full size instagram
view full size instagram

View Full Size Instagram Post Photos

 Let’s get into the method directly.

  1. Open any browser you have, hop onto the Instagram official website, if not logged in earlier, do it now.
  2. Get on the user’s profile page of whose picture you want to view in the original size. Click on that exact photo. 

Note: If you are unable to click that user’s photo, that means you are in the news feed. So go to someone’s Instagram profile page.  

  1. Click on the Instagram photo, add this line at the end of the URL media/?size=l 
view full size instagram photos

For example, if the previous URL was,

Then after inserting the additional part, it will become,

The bold part of the URL is the main point of this method.

  1. When you are done with editing the URL, click Enter.
full size Instagram

You are all set. Now you can view the Instagram pic in full size. The original version was uploaded. Also, by modifying this exact method, you can view the Instagram pictures in medium size, in other words, the thumbnail version.

To view the thumbnail version of Instagram, add media/?size=m  or media/?size=t   in the place we have inserted additional URL earlier in this article.

full size instagram pictures

In this additional URL, t means thumbnail and m symbolizes Medium. 

While appending the additional URL, make sure you put them respectively after every URL.

Using this method, you can easily view any Instagram user’s photo in the original version. 

This trick only works on the profile page, and the photos are uploaded as posts. To view Instagram profile pictures in full size, we have to go through another trick.

Let’s get into that.

See Instagram Profile Picture In Full Size

Anyone can view photos on Instagram, even without opening an Instagram account. But the profile pictures, not anyone can view the full size of it, even if the person is logged in to Instagram with a valid account.

All you can see of a profile picture is just a circular and cropped version of the image.  

So, we figured out some device-based solutions to show you how to open Instagram profile pic full size.

Using the methods down here can solve this issue. The method will teach not only viewing the image in the large size but also downloading them when needed. 

Down here, are the methods to view images based on some devices

View Full Size Instagram Pictures On PC/Mac Or Smartphone Browser

If installing a new application on your phone to solve a single problem like this, feels embarrassing to you, or use a computer then this solution is the best for you. 

  • Go to the browser you prefer, head to Instagram’s official website. Chrome is better. We are using Google Chrome in this guide.

If the browser you are using now is new, and haven’t used this browser for Instagram before, then don’t worry, it is not mandatory for Instagram to view anyone’s profile picture. Skip the second step of this guide if you know the username or you have the profile link. Then, you may head for the 3rd step. If not, check out manually.

  • Head to the targeted Instagram profile. You can do it by clicking the name form their posts, searching their name on the search box or by direct link. Copy their Instagram username from the URL.
  •  Now that you have the username of the targeted profile, hit your browser for, one of the best Instagram Profile Picture Downloader.

If the website is loaded completely, then you can see the search box with a “Submit” button near it.

  • On the ‘Enter Instagram Username‘ search box, type or paste the username you copied following the 2nd step. After pasting, hit the ‘Submit’ button. 
instagram photo view
instagram photo view

The tool is now working on the URL, it will find the profile picture and fetch it for its best, high or original resolution. All these processes will take only a few seconds to occur. When the rendering completes, it will show you both options of “View” and “Download” along with the image.

Clicking on the ‘View’ button will load the image in full size. And the second button will let you Download the Instagram profile picture in full size.

full size instagram
A tool to view full size instagram

Another useful part of this tool is, you can view and download private Instagram profile pictures too. it doesn’t even matter whether you follow the profile or not.

So, you can follow this guide and use this tool to view anyone’s profile picture in full size on Instagram

In some cases, you may see the rendered profile pictures from the tool are still small. Keep in mind, that that won’t happen for the tool. It will only happen if the owner of the profile did not upload the bigger size of the picture. This means it was uploaded in this resolution. So, there’s no chance of getting a bigger one, even after using a tool, no matter whatever the tool is.

View Full Size Instagram Photos On Android

Most Instagram users access it via Android. So, here’s the solution to view Instagram images from Android.

  1. Go to Google Play Store, search and download Instant DP (Full HD). Install it.
  2. From Instagram, copy the username you want to view the full-size image of. 
  3. Open the app, there you will find a search box on the front page of the app.
  4. Enter the username you have copied from the Instagram app. Hit the search button.
  5. Wait till the tool scans for the username. After scanning, it will show some related users in a list, click on the targeted profile. The whole process takes only a few seconds. 
instagram photos full size
Instagram photos full size
  1. Clicking on the profile pictures thumbnail will open it to view in full size. Click on “Download Icon” from the right side of the bottom in the app. Then the app will start downloading the image full size in your gallery. For this, it will create a new folder on your phone.
view instagram pictures
view instagram pictures

Search history is also available in this app. You can delete them if other people have access to your phone.

View Full Size Instagram Photos On iPhone/iPad

If you have read the method of Android from up to this article, then it will be easy for you. It is the same as that method.

Take your iPhone/iPad, 

  • Go to the Apple Apps Store, and find out the Qeek, the app to view and download the full-size Instagram profile picture.
  • Download and install the app on your iPhone or iPad. Open it when it is completed.
  • You’ll get a search box as the Android version has. 
  • Copy targeted Instagram profile username, paste it in the app’s search box.
  • It will search for it and will show you a list of possible users from Instagram. Select your expected one.
  •  It will show you the profile and the profile picture. Simply, click on the photo or click on the “Fullscreen” button. 
view full size instagram photos
view insta pics
view full size Instagram photos

The highest possible resolution of the image will appear on your screen. 

Plus, the picture can be zoomed up to 800% from the size you can see normally. Unlike the Android version, it does not have any download option. So, you may have to go for the web solution we discussed in the first method.

You can open any profile picture from Instagram in full size whenever you want.

And if you are not going with the web version. Just take a screenshot when making it fullscreen. May that help you.

From this app, you can also go to the profile of the owner directly.

How To View Multiple Photo Post Instagram at Full Size

There is an advanced method to view multiple photo posts on Instagram. Using that method can also help you to download all of the photos from that post.

The method is quite easy. You have to use Google Chrome to do this. But it can be done on Mozilla Firefox too. For that, you have to know how open the developer tools in Mozilla Firefox.

Let’s suppose that you have Google Chrome,(everyone has it 😉 ). Now let’s get started.

  1. Open Google Chrome, 
  2. Go to the Instagram post with multiple photos. 
  3. Open the photos you want to download. 
  4. From the full-size photo page, click the CTRL + Shift+ I or F12 key on your desktop keyboard to open the developer tools. The Inspect Element feature will be opened. 
  5. Click on the button ‘Sources‘ from the upper side of the menu tab. 
  6. There you can see a three-dotted icon, click on it.
  7.  Uncheck the option ‘ Group by folder ‘ when it appears.
  8. A few files will appear on the left side. The files in Green are the images.
  9. Clicking on the image files will open the images on the page. Keep clicking on the files till you find all of the images you are looking for. 
  10. When you get your desired image, then click on the right button, select Save from the end of the pop-up menu.
  11. The pictures will open at full size on the same page.
  12. Now, you can save the images as you do normally.

Indeed, this process can take a little more time than the others. But, it is also effective. It’s also easy to complete. Still, if you find it difficult, there’s another way for you to do the same.

  1. Go to your browser, and then go to Gramsave.
  2. There will find a search box. Click on it.
  3. In the search box, paste the Instagram multiple photos link directly.
  4. Hit the Download button.
  5. All of the images will be displayed before you. You can download any of them or all of them one after one.

You can get the Instagram multiple photos link by the publishing date. And then copy the URL from the URL box. 

Why Does Instagram Reduce Image Size?

It is no wonder that Instagram has been able to gain popularity at a breakneck speed. Why? Because it allows you to capture and share your photos with the world in an instant. Unlike Facebook, which requires additional steps such as uploading and tagging before it can be shared publicly, Instagram achieves the same results using just one simple tap or click of a button!

Ever wonder why Instagram photos are so tiny? Well, the short answer is that Facebook wants them to be. They’re not just being mean or trying to make your life miserable – there’s a logical reason behind it all! It turns out this whole time they’ve been reducing image size and quality for good reasons: first of all, in order for images on any social media site to look great when you share them with everyone else; secondly because mobile screens have become smaller over time (remember those big old iPhones?) which means we don’t need as many pixels per photo anymore now than we used too; thirdly since data usage has increased substantially lately due largely thanks to streaming video sites like Netflix and Hulu plus other apps such as Snapchat.

Instagram limits the size of images to prevent servers from being overloaded with photos. The average person posts 10,000 pictures per day on Instagram alone! No wonder its servers are getting overwhelmed—millions more people post millions of other shots every single day.
And it’s not just about taking up space either: Smartphone cameras have also been evolving rapidly in recent years and now take higher-quality shots than ever before. Combined with social media hashtags (#selfie) and filters (Instagram is famous for their retro looks), these high-quality pics make themselves a prime target for overloading server capacities because they can be massive files sizes when saved as PNG or JPEG formats due to all those beautiful details like the resolution equivalent you would find

Social media platforms are all different, but Facebook really takes the cake in terms of image compression. It’s much more brutal than other social networks like Pinterest, and Twitter which can keep images larger-sized without issue. While this causes some inconvenience for apps such as Instagram or WhatsApp that rely heavily on smaller-sized photos to perform well, it doesn’t stop many posts from being stunningly beautiful anyway!

Social media is a varied landscape with varying degrees of quality when it comes to how they handle pictures – but one thing we know for sure? There’s no way you’re going to be disappointed by an Instagram post (or any photo) because its maximum size limit still leaves plenty enough room for high-resolution content while not bogging down


 The ways we knew to ‘View Instagram photos’ are written up here. These methods can show the original resolution the picture was uploaded with. No matter what they are, either the profile pictures or the posted images. It works on all of them. Plus, you can use these tricks on any of your devices PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android. Specifically, the web method can be applied to any device that can run a browser. 

Instagram’s decision to limit image sizes is a win-win for both users and the company. The social media giant can continue running smoothly despite an immense number of photos being shared every day, while users are able to share larger quality images without worrying about them not fitting through Instagram’s strict guidelines.

No tool is perfect. There could be any bug on the app which was not visible to our eye, let us know if you find any. We will update our post.

If it works on your side, consider sharing it with your friends. And also let us know in the comment section which of these worked for you.

Don’t forget to mention the problems if you have any, during the applying process. 

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