What Happens When You Block Someone On Instagram Or When You Get Blocked

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  • Date: June 27, 2023
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You might be wondering what happens when you block someone on Instagram. Can you do that? What does it mean if I block somebody on Instagram? Can they see my account anymore? If so, how do they find me again? In this blog post, we will explore the extreme consequences of blocking someone on Instagram and answer all these questions and more!

What Happens To Likes and Comments

– If you choose to block somebody on Instagram, it means they will no longer have access to your account. This is because the moment a user blocks another user from their account there is instant removal of the person’s previous interactions with this individual. Any likes or comments which were previously left would disappear as soon as the blocking procedure was initiated. Not only are these actions removed but so too are direct messages sent between both parties in question for security purposes. What also disappears is followership status – meaning if you blocked someone, they will no longer follow your account.

Can A Blocked Person on Instagram See Changes In their Profile Picture And bio?

When you block somebody, their updates won’t show up to you. This includes your posts from the past that are still public (i.e., not deleted). What also may happen is if your mutual friends have blocked this person too, then he or she will be unable to comment on those photos because of the firewall created by all these blocks; but they will still be able to like them. If you unblock a person after blocking him or her at any point before, everything goes back as it was before so don’t worry about what might’ve been seen while being blocked.”

Is Your Profile Accessible Through Search?

So, you’re wondering if that person who is blocking you can still see your profile? Well, it’s possible but don’t worry about it. The blocked user or yourself will be able to view the other’s profile on a limited basis for only up to 2-3 days before being unable to do so again.

Can A blocked Person See Your Instagram Profile And Followers?

If you block someone on Instagram, they can still see your profile and followers. What this means is that if a person has blocked you – for instance, because of harassment or stalking – and then tries to view your Instagram profile by searching for it in the app, they will be able to find out who else is following you. They’ll also be able to have access to all of the information in your public bio section. Though they can’t see full-size Instagram profile pictures, they still can see your profile picture. If they want more info about what posts are being shared by people with whom they follow but aren’t friends themselves, tapping through their profiles would enable them to see these as well.

Can A blocked Person See Your Instagram Profile And Followers?
Can A blocked Person See Your Instagram Profile And Followers?

Can The Blocked Person See Changes in Profile Pictures?

 If you block someone, they cannot contact you or view your story. What’s more, if a user blocks another account that follows them – their following list will be hidden from each other. This includes being able to see new posts in feed form. However, when it comes to posting content (photos/videos), blocking an account doesn’t mean that an individual won’t be able to read what has been posted publicly and can even comment on public posts. It also means the blocked party could potentially still follow someone who is not connected with them through mutual friends – but again this would be a viewing-only option.

It doesn’t matter if you are public or private, anyone will be able to see the changes in your profile picture and bio just as long as they can access it from previous comments, and messages through your username.

Can A Blocked Person Mention Or tag You?

What happens when you block someone on Instagram? Blocking is a way of temporarily removing the person from your feed. If they are blocked then it means that their posts will no longer show up in your timeline or search results for 24 hours after being blocked (unless they’re also following you). They can still tag and mention you, but their posts will not show up on your feed or notifications. Blocking is the only way to remove someone from following you while still being able to see and interact with them on Instagram (unless they also block you in return).

What Happens When You Block Someone On instagram Messages (DM)

If you block someone on Instagram, messages from that person will disappear. The other person’s account won’t appear in your inbox or notifications tab. You’ll also no longer see their comments on your posts or story updates and they won’t be able to find you on the Explore tab. You might not be able to see their name or image in Direct messages either, so that you know when they’ve sent a message and for how long it’s been there waiting for you.

Can You See old Messages

Instagram messages are like any other text message, so they disappear when you block them. What happens to the person who sent it though is another question entirely. Blocking someone prevents them from messaging or commenting on your posts and stories without deleting their account altogether.

Can Blocked Person See Online Status?

Last year, Instagram launched the deadly last active status feature in Direct Messages. This allows you to know if someone has been inactive on your account for a period of time so that it can be activated and used again. If another user blocks you from their story or messages, then they will not appear as Last Active Status either!

What Happens To Group Messages After Blocking?

when you block them, it means that the person will be blocked from your entire account. That way what happens to group messages when you block them on Instagram will not be able to get any notifications about what is happening in what happens to group messages

Is Blocking On Instagram Story Different?

When you mute someone on Instagram, it will hide their story from your profile. If they are not following you then the only way to see that person’s stories is by searching for them in a hashtag or mentioning them. Hiding another user’s post means that when scrolling through your feed of friends’ posts and others’, this particular account won’t show up at all until the next time the specific individual uploads something new onto his/her own timeline.

The social media site, Instagram has two methods for blocking users- muting which hides other people’s content but allows both parties access to each other’s profiles; hiding an account entirely from view so they can be seen again after posting some more things themselves

When You Block Someone From Commenting, Can They See Your Posts?

You might be wondering if someone you’ve blocked can still see your posts. The answer is yes! Blocking somebody from commenting on your posts won’t block them from accessing any of the other things that they post or comment about, and it won’t delete their old comments either. Head to Instagram Settings > Privacy and Security > Comment Controls in order to block people who are giving you a hard time by being rude on one of your pictures for good!

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Does Instagram Notify People When You Block Them?

No, Instagram itself does not send any kind of notification to any users once they get blocked by other users. 

Does Blocking Notify People When You Block Them?

Blocking a person will automatically stop you from following them. It will also remove the blocked user from your followers. In case you unblock them later, be aware they’ll have to follow again before being able to see any posts or comments on yours (though this is not necessary if both users are mutual).

Do Your Followers Know That You Blocked Them?

No, As Instagram doesn’t notify even the blocked person, let alone notify others about it. The only time other people know about it is when any of you tell them. 


 No! Blocking someone still leaves their posts visible to others who follow them while deleting all personal interactions between the two accounts unless shared by either party publicly. However, blocking somebody does prevent any future direct contact with them from happening. 

Does blocking someone on Instagram delete messages?
Does blocking someone on Instagram delete messages?

 Yes! Blocking someone on Instagram effectively removes all responses to their posts and prevents them from seeing your account, regardless of whether they follow you or not. 

  • If I block somebody on Facebook does it delete messages? 

No. What happens when you block someone in a chat app like Skype? They can’t see what’s going on in the conversation unless invited back into the group by one of those still chatting with each other. 

– Send an apology message via direct message

– Unfollow temporarily (don’t worry about responding) then rejoin later

– Send them a message about how you want to reconnect What is a question people often ask when they listen to podcasts related to Instagram marketing strategy?

  • When you block someone from commenting, can they still see your posts?

Blocking someone from commenting on your posts won’t block them from accessing any of the content you post, including old comments that are still up. To do this go to Instagram Settings > Privacy and Security > Comment Controls. Under Block Comments From add anyone who might have a problem with what they see or say things, you don’t want in public view for others to read.


Blocking someone on Instagram doesn’t delete messages, but it does stop them from being able to see your account. What happens when you block someone on Instagram? What’s the difference between a “Private” and “Public” account? What are some other ways to unblock people on Instagram besides just taking away their ability to see my profile? All of these questions will be answered in this article for our readers! Your content will be used to market various social media platforms, so make it interesting and appealing. What do you think could help give your blog post more of the qualities we are looking for? What topics would you like us to cover in this article series that may come up as questions during a podcast interview or live stream? What is a question people often ask when they listen to podcasts related to Instagram marketing strategy? What are some of the best tips for launching an account on Instagram?

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